Don’t Cheat On A Tattoo Artist

Nov 30, 2011
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Rossie Brovent found out the hard way. Allegedly, she was cheating on Ryan Fitzgerald, her boyfriend and tattoo artist, from Dayton, OH. As it happened, Rossie asked Fitzgerald to tattoo a fantasy scene from Narnia on her back.

Fitzgerald agreed, then proceeded to get Rossie drunk. While under the influence, he had her sign a consent form stating that the artwork was at the artist’s discretion. He then happily went about tattooing a huge turd on her back.

It seems, quality artwork notwithstanding, Rossie was not amused when she noticed that she had a huge pile of shit, complete with flies buzzing around it, permanently using up significant real estate space on her back.

In retaliation, Rossie slammed a $100,000 lawsuit on Fitzgerald’s ass. It could prove interesting to see how the lawyers play this one.

Source: Manolith

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