Drunk Woman Accused Of Groping, Licking And Flashing Patrons Of Two Restaurants

Dec 4, 2012
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A woman watching college football at two restaurants in Dacula, Ga., didn’t score any points with her fellow patrons.

Officers say Jana Lawrence was watching the SEC Championship game between Georgia and Alabama at a restaurant called El Jinete and got so intoxicated that she allegedly screamed profanities, exposed her breasts to other customers and even rubbed the genitals of another woman and also licked her face, according to the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Lawrence, 46, was eventually kicked out of that place and moved over to Friends, a sports bar next door, where she allegedly continued her antics.

The manager of Friends told Dacula.patch.com that he asked Lawrence to leave when she was sitting at the bar because her buttocks were exposed and she responded by reportedly pulling her pants down even further.

Jana Lawrence

Two men at the bar who had been seated on either side also complained to police that she had inappropriately touched them by rubbing one’s penis and licking the other man’s arm tattoo.

The police report notes that when officers took Lawrence into custody, she kept up her charm offensive by repeatedly calling him derogatory terms for homosexual males and people of African-American descent; threatening to sue the officers; and promising to bury them under the jail.

She reportedly did see an upside to the arrest, according to SportsGrid.com which reported her telling officers that she was glad to be going to jail because her husband “beats her ass” and wouldn’t be able to do that when she was behind bars.

This was before asking a female sheriff’s deputy at intake “if she had and wanted a girlfriend,” officers told the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Lawrence was charged with sexual battery, simple battery, public indecency and public drunkenness. She remains jailed on a hold for another agency, according to Dacula.patch.com.


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Fake Mike South
Fake Mike South
11 years ago

She reminds me of momma. Does anyone have this woman’s number? It’s been a few weeks since I had an erection.

11 years ago

For a moment I thought I was reading the latest from the Tard Side — Monica Foster version. I wonder how long it will take for Monica (minus her case of boxed wine and martini bar) to get locked up on similar charges and not have anyone to pay her bail.

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