Emily Willis Files $5M Defamation Lawsuit Against Adria Rae & Gianna Dior

Oct 14, 2021
Adult Business News
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emily willis

Emily Willis filed a $5,000,000 defamation lawsuit in Los Angeles on Tuesday against Adria Rae and Gianna Dior, accusing them of “publishing lies recklessly and maliciously” in regards to tweets that Adria and Gianna allegedly made in late August referencing Emily allegedly engaging in sex acts with a dog and continuing into September.

Also included in the suit were 10 John/Jane Doe’s, who allegedly “acted willfully, maliciously, oppressively and despicably with the full knowledge of the adverse effect of their actions” on Emily Willis.

Wouldn’t it be funny if a XBIZ employee used to hang out at the home where the “alleged” dog fucking took place?

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2 years ago

Didn’t Billy Boston live at said house for months? Back before he started juicing and looked like a wet meth head…

2 years ago

Male dogs can consent to sex. They dont need to be forced to lick and mount a whore.

Falsely Accused By Snow Roach Crackheads
Falsely Accused By Snow Roach Crackheads
2 years ago

As a talent, especially a Black Talent, I know what’s it like to get falsely accused and then threatened to be sued by shitty ppl to cover their tracks, keep snorting coke, etc. I’m in the process of beginning to counter sue a horrible Representation business who do coke with their talent and obviously shows which explains why they went viral during the summer for their fuckups , their reputation day by day going down the toilet, and other problematic situations.

Falsely Accused By Snow Roach Crackheads
Falsely Accused By Snow Roach Crackheads
2 years ago

Aka A shitty Agency that’s all about “empowerment “ like bitch please lol

Last edited 2 years ago by Falsely Accused By Snow Roach Crackheads
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