Fat Tara Akinlose On The Run

Aug 24, 2011
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This story is working now. An attorney has contacted us about Tara. I’m not sure of the exact details, but it appears that fat net stalker Tara had a lawyer for another case. Someone involved in the case decided she was a nutjob and they dropped her.

She then went all PWL and posted slanderous lies about them all over the net. Guess what? Now they want to seek legal action against her. I have the lawyer’s name and and when he gives me the ok I will post it along with more details. It would seem Tara is fucked in more ways then one…

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12 years ago

hahaha that’s very amusing intel. i wonder how much poppin’ off fat tara will be doing now?

12 years ago

In reality, my case against those attorneys is currently being worked on. They are being investigated by more than 10 different insurance companies.

12 years ago

The doctor they referred me to actually screwed up my back worse after my accident. The expert medical report from a top surgeon I paid for proved it and is being used against those lawyers and the doctors. I’m not the only victim of these lawyers and doctors, there is a group of us. Two members of the group were permanently crippled.

12 years ago

doctors, lawyers and insurance companies involved a conspiracy…imagine. this only increases my suspicion. fake back injuries account for a large number of fraudulent insurance claims. expert witness can be hired to say anything you want them to.

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