France to make ‘looking like a prostitute’ illegal forcing hookers to wear jeans and sneakers

Mar 29, 2015
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looking like a prostitute

Women in skimpy outfits and high heels could be arrested under new French laws that make it illegal to simply ‘look like a prostitute’ in public.

France is set to bring in a tough new anti-vice law that makes ‘passive soliciting’ by appearing to be offering sex for sale illegal.

The legislation is aimed at changing the face of notorious red light districts like Pigalle and the Rue St Denis in Paris, where the streets are lined with scantily-clad hookers.

looking like a prostitute

It is expected that prostitutes will be forced to wear casual clothing like jeans and trainers to get around the rules.

The law will be enshrined in Article 225 of the penal code, which will outlaw ‘the act of publicly soliciting another person for paid sex, by any means, including passive behaviour’.

But French sex workers’ union Strass described the law as ‘a huge step backwards’.

Spokesman Chloe Navarro said: “It is making criminals of women for how they dress, and victimising prostitutes for doing their job and aggravating their working conditions.”

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