FSC and taking down PWL

Jul 26, 2011
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Everyday i see a new version of how PWL was takin down..A new person steps out to claim they did it, or FSC says not to worry, they were about to step in and have a stern letter writtin to a hosting company in the Netherlands who already breaks about 17 US laws

“Once the information was gathered, a letter could be sent from AIM’s bankruptcy trustee asking the hosting company to shut the PornWikileaks site down, stating that PWL is under federal investigation. If the hosting company did not comply, the FBI was ready to send a follow-up letter requesting the site be taken down. They said that hosting companies always comply with such requests. The FBI had gathered the information it required and the letter was to be sent out last week. But due to the work of a group of creative hackers, the site already had been taken down”

This has to be number 2 on the top 10 list of fucking stupid PWL battle plans ”
Using a elite group of hackers we were able to hack Diane’s email and get a copy of the letter she was gonna write…

Dear Sirs
Could you please shut down PWL, they information on there site that was possibly obtained illegally..
And while your at it could you please remove all 673 websites you host that contain copyright material..

Thanks Diane Duke FSC
Ps. if you dont comply in a few months you will get a stern letter from the FBI, and everyone always does what they say

The fact that FSC keeps telling people it was brought down be hackers is fucking crazy…The amount of time i spent on the phone and chasing shyt down was mind boggling..There is so much more to this then a hack ..I keep waiting for someone to tell the story the right way but its apparent i will have to seek main stream media since the porn world media either doesn’t care or doesn’t want to know what really happened to PWL…

All i see right now is a bunch of opportunists who have found a way to use the work of a few people and turn it into a personal victory when in reality its a victory for most everyone in the industry…

It would appear that Diane Duke and Shelley Lubben are the same person..

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12 years ago

That’s pretty funny considering one of the reasons PWL chose that particular hosting company in the first place was because they ignore complaints of a legal nature, and thus they considered them to be “bulletproof.”

FSC’s story may have had more credibility had they said that Interpol was involved. They are organization you need to contact when having issues with a hosting company in a liberal country like Netherlands.

Sean, you need to tell your own story about the PWL takedown, and your role in it, to set the record straight.

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