FSC Condemns GirlsDoPorn…. You Don’t Say!

Oct 24, 2019
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FSC, a day late and as always, a dollar short.  Girls Do Porn’s business practices have never been a secret,  but now that they’re national news, everyone wants to get in on the headlines.

Bloggers and writers of all walks are suddenly shocked at the GDP business model…  Where the fuck was the outrage prior to the GDP trial?  Where were the stories? Why didn’t FSC condemn them when their shady practices were brought to their attention years ago?  I personally brought it up 2 years ago and was basically told this ” The operators of the GirlsDoPorn website were not members of, or otherwise known to, the Free Speech Coalition, and operated outside the confines of the conventional adult entertainment industry” only in a much simpler way, “they (GDP) are outside of the FSC’s reach.”

Who fucking cares where they do business at?  Issue a PR, or even blog a warning.

In theory, The FSC is supposed to be the protector of porn,  they are the ones who should lead the way when it comes to some of the predators in the industry. Instead, like APAC and APAG, they only speak up when there’s some press to be had.

And the end of the day, The FSC is still the best game in town, I just think instead of pointless PR’s they need to address these issues before it becomes national news.

Below is the FSC statement

On October 10, Michael James Pratt and three other people involved with the rogue website GirlsDoPorn, were charged with sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion, under federal law.

The allegations put forward in the complaint are unethical and illegal and stand in total opposition to industry norms. According to the complaint, prospective models were:

  • Falsely promised that the films they made would never appear online
  • Denied the ability to read contracts and actively misled about provisions
  • Provided with intoxicants during negotiations and before shoots
  • Bullied, harassed and prevented from leaving shoots
  • Denied the ability to confirm or see partner’s STI tests
  • Physically or sexually assaulted.

Free Speech Coalition unequivocally condemns the actions alleged in the complaint. Fraud, force, coercion, deception, harassment, pressure and violence have no place in our industry, let alone on an adult film set. We have stood, and will continue to stand, with adult workers who report unsafe, exploitative or illegal conditions.

The operators of the GirlsDoPorn website were not members of, or otherwise known to, the Free Speech Coalition, and operated outside the confines of the conventional adult entertainment industry. As an industry, we can and must do more to inform performers as to their rights and resources — especially in relation to safe workspaces.

At FSC, we are continuing to build and strengthen programs that ensure safer working conditions for adult performers such as:

FSC will continue to highlight the work of industry organizations like APAC and Kink.com, whose Model Bill of Rights and consent-based shooting protocols set the standard for ethical and responsible production. 

Performer exploitation thrives in darkness and silence. Together, we have the power to stop it. It’s more important than ever that we — as performers, producers, business owners and advocates — alert one another about suspicious activities or unethical business practices. 

Free Speech Coalition will always be an active partner in the fight for transparency, ethics and safety. Please reach out anytime you experience something that compromises the values of our industry.

Michelle L. LeBlanc
Executive Director, Free Speech Coalition




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