URGENT: Join the Fax/Phone Campaign to STOP AB 1576

Apr 25, 2014
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Isadore Hall III (D-AHF)

Bad for adult performers, bad for California

CANOGA PARK, CA – AB 1576, a bill drafted by condom-obsessed Michael Weinstein‘s AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and sponsored by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, is scheduled to be heard before the California Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee on Tuesday, April 29th at 9:00am.

AB 1576 is a Measure B-like bill that mandates “personal protective equipment” including condoms AND MORE in all adult movies, requires non-medical personnel to maintain the confidential medical records of others, and imposes a controversial government mandate on testing.

AHF says this gang speaks for adult performers. What do YOU say?

AHF says this gang speaks for adult performers. What do YOU say?

“We need everyone to speak up and be heard,” said FSC CEO Diane Duke. “This is a bad bill that will compromise performer safety and drive adult production out of California.”FSC Launches AB 1576 Opposition Fax/Phone Campaign

A Fax/Phone campaign

Below are simple instruction on who to contact with a list of points to consider when drafting a statement.  People can call if they would like, or Faxes have proven to be very effective when communicating with legislators. Either way, PLEASE contact these legislators by Tuesday morning.

Contacting Members of the Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee

The assembly members listed below are on the Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee.  They are scheduled to hear AB 1576 on Tuesday, April 29th.  Please Fax each of these members and get as many people as you know to do the same.

Believe it or not, faxes get the most attention in the assemblymembers’ offices.

If you don’t have access to a fax, call the office and ask for the staff person in charge of Arts and Entertainment.  If that person isn’t available, speak to the person who answered the phone. Be polite, don’t argue and keep the call brief.  Thank the person you spoke with for their time.

Name Fax Phone
Assemblymember Ian Calderon (D) Chair (916) 319-2157 (916) 319-2057
Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D) (916) 319-2150 (916) 319-2050
Assemblymember Marie Waldron (R) Vice Chair (916) 319-2175 (916) 319-2075
Assemblymember Cheryl Brown (D) (916) 319-2147 (916) 319-2047
Assemblymember Scott Wilk (R) (916) 319-2138 (916) 319-2038
Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (D) (916) 319-2151 (916) 319-2051
Assemblymember Marc Levine (D) (916) 319-2110 (916) 319-2010


Sample Fax:

Start your letter with “Dear Assemblymember (last name),” I am writing…. or I reach out to you today…. or This fax is … to:

  • voice my opposition to AB 1576.
  • encourage you to vote “no” on AB 1576.
  • tell you why AB 1576 is a bad idea.

Speak from your perspective

As a performer in the adult entertainment industry…

As a director for adult films…

As an industry professional who has worked on adult sets for x years…

As a person supportive of or sympathetic to adult production in California…

As a concerned taxpayer…


Points to emphasize (choose two or three)

The adult film industry has effective protocols in place to protect performers. The adult film industry’s standards and self regulation are very successful as represented by the industry’s low rate of STI transmission and no transmission of HIV on an adult set nationwide in more than 10 years.  Daily 5 new cases of HIV are reported in LA County alone. Yet on adult production sets, no transmission of HIV has occurred since 2004 — NATIONWIDE

AB 1576 will drive the adult film industry out of California and take tens of thousands of jobs and 5-6 billion in revenues with it.  As predicted, adult filming has left LA County with a 95% reduction reported through FilmLA.  Some producers have already moved out of California, while others await the result of the legal challenge and word on AB 1576.

AB 1576 Imposes a Government Mandate on HIV Testing – While the industry has put in place a comprehensive testing protocol to protect workers, having the  government mandate testing, as well as the collection and retention of the STI test results, unconstitutionally infringes on the privacy rights of performers. AB 1576 will waste valuable resources– HIV funding in CA has already been significantly reduced.  Diverting valuable dollars from existing programs to this program will only hurt those already infected with HIV and will reduce the resources to prevent others from contracting the disease.

AB 1576 Interferes with a Pending Lawsuit – AB 1576 is also problematic because it interferes with a lawsuit currently pending in the Federal District Court after oral arguments were heard last month.   The lawsuit filed by Vivid Entertainment, as well as adult movie performers Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce, challenges the constitutionality of the recently adopted Los Angeles County ordinance, Measure B. The provisions in Measure B are very similar to the provisions in AB 1576 and may likewise violate the Free Speech Guarantees of the First Amendment.    It is unwise for the Legislature to approve a proposal whose constitutionality is in the midst of litigation.   The judicial system should be given an opportunity to conclude its review with a decision expected in 6-12 months.

AB 1576 Compromises Performer Privacy and Increases Liability – the requirement that producers keep personal medical records for performers not only compromises performer privacy, but also imposes significant increased liability in case of an unforeseen information breach.

Once finished, please email Diane Duke at diane@freespeechcoalition.com and let her know that you faxed or called the above assembly members.

Thank you so much for your time and effort.  A strong message of opposition from the adult entertainment industry will help a great deal.

### The Free Speech Coalition is the national trade organization to the adult entertainment industry. Its mission is to lead, protect and support the growth and well-being of the adult entertainment community.

Diane Duke

Chief Executive Officer

Free Speech Coalition


FSC Launches AB 1576 Opposition Fax/Phone Campaign

Assemblymember Isadore Hall III, sponsor of AB 1576, is watched by his biggest fan, AHF dictator and AIDS profiteer, Michael Weinstein.

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[…] The assembly members listed below are on the Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee. They are scheduled to hear AB 1576 on Tuesday, April 29th. Please Fax each of these members and get as many people as you know to do the same. Believe it or not, faxes get the most attention …read more     […]

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