FSC’s Lotus Lain Tries To Fight APAG Board Member

Oct 14, 2019
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How great is this? FSC, the de-facto champion activists of the porn world, is not one to take competitors lightly.

The other night at the Playboy Plus party, the multiple pronoun person in charge of “Industry Relations” tried to fight a rival organizations board member and shoved them. Lotus, fresh off her “Blacks Only We Hate Racism” party, isn’t a stranger to trying to beat up fellow performers. A few months ago she tried to fight another performer at the XRCO awards.

Now don’t get it twisted, we here at TRPWL are pro-violence, I maintain that if all bloggers and industry writers had to share an office building, TRPWL would run the show, but at the same time TRPWL, and its award winning news team, doesn’t hold, him, himself, his, his’s, cis’s, fantasy sports guru, out as an “activist.”

I think the wild card in all this is APAC, they’re like the Latino gang, which ever side they join forces with will run the yard.

Remember in the 90’s, the Bloods and the Crips started putting out mix-tapes?  Will we soon see some porn industry advocates banging on wax?  What about the AVN Expo?  Will APAG roll up in front of the expo and shoot the first FSC member they see while screaming “APAG for liiiiiiiiife?”  What if the FSC kidnaps Kelly Pierce? Will APAG pay the ransom?  How many bottles of Old E will APAC have to poor out before this porn activist war stops? Will all members of APAG have to be able to C-walk before they join? Can’t we all just get along?

Maybe the OG Ron Jeremy can hold a porn activist summit, possibly reach a truce. Gee TRPWL how will OG Ron Jeremy get everyone to show up for a summit?  Simple, have James  Bartholet swing by their respective hoods and offer them a drink. Then wait 15 mins and throw the limp bodies in the back of his Ice cream truck and bring them to meeting..

On a side note, I’ve always found she/her/hers Lotus hot…

I’ll leave you with the great record. Written by the FSC’s He, Him, His Ian Timothy O’Brien


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Anger Management spreads
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