Fundraiser For Alice Frost and Chad Diamond

Jul 27, 2015
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JoJo sent this to me.

My husband and I have been forced out of our home by a roommate. We are currently living at his parents with all our things in a uhual truck and storage unit. Our animals are spread across 3 houses because we cannot keep them all at his family’s.

Our ex-roommate violently attacked my husband twice. First time he tried to gouge out Chad’s eye with his fingers, leaving Chad with a black eye. The second time he pulled Chad through a window and broke his nose. Chad had to have stitches in his elbow and leg from being pulled through the glass.


This guy was in jail for 5 months and stopped paying his part of the rent. We were told by the landlords that we would have the lease in our names so we thought he wasn’t going to be allowed back. The landlords never did the paperwork so turns out the house was still in his name. The first night he was out of jail he called the police 3 times. The police let him in and told us we could not keep him out even though we were all scared. I immediately went to the court the next morning, after being forced to sleep on an air mattress in the living room. I was granted a restraining order against him protect myself, Chad, and our roommate who had taken his place. While I was at the court he actually showed up and scared me so much I ran to the bailiffs and they walked me around the rest of the time. That night was the first attack.


By Friday morning we had decided to cut our losses and just move out. I placed a note on the door stating we were moving and to please let us move in peace. We had the uhual outside and were getting ready to move when Mike showed up and tried breaking down doors and windows into our side of the house. This is when the second attack happened. Chad was taken to the hospital and I was left to deal with the police. I told them all we wanted was to move without Mike being there so they told him not to come back for 24 hours. The police escorted him off the property around 5:30 Friday night. I called my whole family to help start the moving process. It seemed like an impossible task. Chad didn’t get home till around 9pm. He is very badly banged up and we still had so much more to move. Chad and I were also running extremely low on energy. We were so stressed and concerned for our safety we couldn’t eat or sleep for 3 days. Chad actually was under the belief Mike got arrested and I honestly don’t know how the police didn’t.

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Joe Taco
Joe Taco
10 months ago

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