Gay Rights Protest at Chick-fil-A in Hollywood, CA: Lesbian Girls Kissing, Mayhem!!

Aug 16, 2012
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This is pretty funny. Not sure why Chick-fil-A’s stance on gays is a big deal. It’s not new, they have been 100% against it forever. They are pro church, pro bible and thats why you cant buy a chick-fil-a sandwich on Sunday. What, you think they close on Sunday but think gay marriage is ok …

While I don’t support their views on gay marriage,  I do support their right to have any belief they want. You fuckers crack me up. You don’t want people knocking on your door forcing their views on you, but think it’s perfectly acceptable for you to do it to others. All you porn people who tweet 10 tweets a day about how bad it is Chick-Fil-A is against gay marriage, I suggest you take the same attitude about AHF. While they don’t sell waffle fries and are pro gay marriage, they’re also anti-porn and trying to SHUT you down.

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Fake Porno Dan
Fake Porno Dan
11 years ago

HelloooOOOOooo bitches. I know I made all of your little Gaydar needles tingle for years, with my luxurious blonde hair and my meaty fanny, but now it is official. Yes, I’ll still do straight 4 pay, but this video is my statement to the world that I am a strudel man, and will no longer pretend to enjoy eating pie.

Wait until you see me in my heels and corset on the next Fuck a Fan broadcast 😉

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