Green Party Leader says prostitution bill is ‘unfixable’

Sep 23, 2014
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OTTAWA — Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said the government prostitution Bill C-36 is “unfixable.”

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“I couldn’t find a way to amend the bill and actually fix it,” she said, recommending the bill be ditched entirely.

The controversial legislation was back to the House of Commons for a final review Monday, so opposition MPs from all parties had one final chance to weigh in.

The Supreme Court last December ruled Canada’s existing laws on the world’s oldest profession were unconstitutional and ordered Parliament to come up with something new.

Initiated by Justice Minister Peter MacKay, the overarching theme behind the bill is to criminalize the purchase of sex, but not its sale.

Though he’s been criticized for it, MacKay has stated he believes his “made-in-Canada” approach is the best step toward the “aspirational” goal of eliminating prostitution altogether.

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Green Party Leader says prostitution bill is ‘unfixable’ | The Rob Black Website
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