Help Katrina Jade and Nigel With Their Dog’s Vet Bills

Mar 9, 2017
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katrina jade

Katrina Jade and Nigel write:

Biggie is a 1yr English Bulldog, he’s the sweetest passive dog you’ll ever meet.

katrina jade
Nigel & I woke up this morning to Biggie vomiting puss & blood over and over, and bleeding out of his nose. The vet diagnosed him with pancreatitis AND pneumonia. When he vomited he accidentally inhaled it, which caused the infection in his lungs & now pneumonia within in a few hours.

Pneumonia is life threatening for his breed, so they want him hospitalized on Monday. The vet bills are already multiplying before he has even received treatment. We are extremely overwhelmed with it all happening in a few hours.I removed my wish list from my social media accounts.

Instead of buying me gifts or material things, please donate to help us with Biggie’s recovery.

Anything helps it all adds up
Thank you for your support

-Nigel Dictator & Katrina Jade

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