Hide Your Debit Cards, Plush Talent’s License Expires In 6 Days..

Dec 15, 2016
Adult Business News
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As I write this, Scott Ohanian, owner of Plush Talent has an army of process servers scouring the earth trying to serve me with a protection order. Why is he dong that you ask?  Seems Scott doesn’t like me telling the world about all his misdeeds..The protective order isn’t for my physically assaulting him, its for my verbal abuse.. He’s like victim or something HAHA Sit ubu, sit.

Wanna hear/read something funny?

Here is a list of people that have threatened me with legal action in the last 90 days:

Scott Ohanian, felon, drug addict and thief.

Scam union founder Phyllisha Anne

AHF Supporter and bitter old man Mike South, who ironically is being sued for defamation

Custom Video Thief Christoper Phillip Tucker, the guy who rips girls off and has been banned from several events


That’s a pretty good list. All of them mad, all of them scumbags.

I’m just joking about Scott’s process servers, he has no money, he would have to rely on the sheriffs dept..And I’m sure they are just jumping at a chance to serve an out of state order that’s not even enforceable.

With Scott’s cash cow, i mean that in a good way, on a mini vacation, it seems he may not be in the best position financially..

See, the Plush license expires in 6 days. Not knowing how much stuff like that costs, i reached out to the King of Jews, Mark “Money bags” Spiegler for the break down of renewal fees.

Lic fee 250 bucks.

Depending on credit rating, bond can be as little as $500 and it goes up from there.. Something tells me Scott’s credit is worse then Desi Foxx’s. Now, my top secret secret Russian source tells me that Scott had someone else do the last bond. It could be due to Scott’s credit, or maybe his criminal history.. Not sure,

A lawyer to do all the paperwork,  Spiegler told me that cost him at least 1500.. But I think Scott got his lawyer for around 48 bucks..

And i think there may be a filing fee.

So all told, Scott had to pay or has to pay at a very minimum, $750, but im sure its more.

Consider this post a public service announcement, If Scott emails you and says he has a dead relative in Ghana and he needs to wire him $148 bucks to get his 7.5 million inheritance, dont fall for it..

Now, back to moms basement…

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