I Dont Like The Word Snitch But…..

Jun 20, 2011
Adult Business News
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Ever watch the First 48 on A&E ? Murder happens, no clues then a few things start trickling in, they accuse a few people some hang in there for awhile and walk out..Others are weak..You get them on the phone or in person an they cave bringing down everyone else…Your siting there at home like WTF, you know the cops didn’t have shyt until someone got scared…Not everyone is fucked….

Kinda of like PWL, sure there were suspects, but know one really new until these least few weeks..And guess what ? The weak are showing there faces as we speak..You out a few guys and all of the sudden everyone is trying to back track there way out..

Don’t worry Donny since you don’t own PWL, you have nothing to worry about ..LMAO

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12 years ago

Rats jumping ship, ay? Not surprising. When you are surrounded by assholes, don’t be shocked when you get shit on. Donkey has shown he’s not capable of cleaning up his own shit, so he’s probably going to be buried under his cohorts’.

Will it be a mad rush to cut a deal, or will the brains and money just cut the cord and watch him flounder? Should be fun watching it play out.

12 years ago

Hey, Its me the grammar nazi again : )

I aint taking sides here, I only care about grammar lol.

If you need a proof reader mate, I volunteer. You have my mail and your posts aren’t massively long so I could easily proofread/correct them in a couple of minutes before you publish if it will help.

I dont want involvement in any Pr0n hax0r war though.

12 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

No problem mate.

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