Idiots At GameLink Think People In The Adult Industry Are STUPID!

Mar 8, 2017
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4 days ago, some dick head at Gamelink wrote a story titled ‘Four Porn Stars Who’d Make Terrible Girlfriends’ the slam piece created a ton of backlash for Gamelink, both publicly and privately.. The day after I wrote this, Jeff Dillion & The Idiots At GameLink: ‘Four Porn Stars Who’d Make Terrible Girlfriends’ , the people over at Gamelink renamed the story to Too Rich for My Blood: Four Porn Stars Who Might Be Too Much For Me. They also edited the story, taking out Joanna Angels name..

Today, they released this statement:

LMAO   According to Gamelink, Management had no clue about the post for 4 days..Bullshit  They must really think everyone is stupid..



Even worse, they care so much about the “community of incredible performers’ they don’t even mention the girls in the forced apology. How about a public apology for each girl?  After all you guys took the time to trash them by name, a 140 character tweet isn’t to much to ask..

The Gamelink “apology” probably came about something like this:

Jeff Dillion, I have an idea, lets just make a bland apology, act like we didn’t know, then pretend we did something about it..It’s fool proof, we aren’t dealing with rocket scientists..Then we can delete the post since its been 4 days and its been clicked thru.. Alright guys, Im falling behind on my Xbiz posts, let me know if you need anymore marketing advice..



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6 years ago

Like my bad apple analogy when discussing porns morality or lack of . Most think porn people are immoral but more just evil. All bad apples with the majority being rotten. I do believe there’s a few more bad apples in porn. The tree gets shaken a lot more often too ! So like morality they use intelligence. People in porn are either dumb or fucking stupid. We know how biased and general that is. This guys are just petty douch bags. Those even in the know see things need a bit of change. i think we can all agree… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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