In My Opinion: Op/Ed by an Anonymous Escort on the current HIV cases

Sep 19, 2013
Health, Safety & Testing
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Our editorial position is that the voices of sex workers and adult community members are the essential ones in matters relating to their well-being, rights and livelihood. Toward that end, and in the interest of telling the news honestly, TRPWL does not censor Op/Ed material to conform to its own philosophical views.


So having been involved in the adult industry for about 6 years and just like every other performer in the industry I’ve been following all the current HIV discussions. We all read all of the same blogs, we hear rumors from friends in the industry and speculation from all sorts of sources and I have to admit I am tired of the hypocrisy I see in my industry.

People are blaming these infections on what we performers are doing outside the industry when it comes to escorting and I’m calling BULLSHIT. Porn stars that escort have been around since Playboy and Penthouse started making porn mainstream. We all know that MANY adult stars escort even though some might not admit it publicly it happens, producers know it, production companies know it, and fans know it. I take my safety very serious and personally feel that I’m conducting myself in a safer matter than when I’m asked to perform bareback on set.

Reading tweets from supposed leaders in our industry blasting porn stars that escort and yet working with them all the time makes you a 100% hypocrite. You don’t give a shit about anything but performers showing up on time and with a clean test. Being responsible is the answer Period. To my fellow performers that put people on blast on twitter for escorting when you yourself in fact also escort come on, Don’t be an idiot.

Companies want to complain because girls escort well let me answer that for you right here. Pornstars escort because companies are paying shit rates. The reason for this seems to be the droves upon droves of new girls “trying out” the adult business because they can’t make ends meet through other ways. They see porn as a way to make quick money they will do scenes for much lower rates.

Companies that hire crossover performers that are willing to do shoots with HIV+ performers should get a fucking clue. Your just increasing the chances of someone catching something. Performers need to do their research and put some people on their NO LIST

lets get real people if escorting is the problem how come these HIV announcements aren’t happening more often. The answer is cause porn stars that escort are NOT THE PROBLEM. Cameron and her boyfriend Rod, and their mutual sex partner Sofia passed this between each other. The other two performers admitted to being crossover performers. Why isn’t the gay porn industry regulated just like ours? Why isn’t anyone spearheading a cause to make it mandatory testing for them as well? talk about a double standard.

Ive been escorting for years and never had a bad/dirty test and so have MANY of my friends. We are responsible in our sex lives. Others need to be responsible as well. I am not disclosing my identity due to the retribution I’m sure I would get. I will continue to do an amazing job as a performer and everyone will be happy.

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slut bottom chris
slut bottom chris
10 years ago

So all this HIV came from cross-over performers? Doubtful. Do you even know any men with HIV personally? In the 10 years before porn, I gave up my butt to HIV+ men (using a condom) and I have stayed HIV-. And I know HIV- men who knowingly did HIV+ bottoms. And they stayed HIV- (while also admitting that was quite reckless and now only practice safe sex). So, go ahead, point your paranoid finger at me. I’ll shoot just about any porn. And as with my Leathersex in the past decade, I’ll make my informed decision about my safety and… Read more »

Goldstein Army
Goldstein Army
10 years ago

It sure as hell ain’t coming from straight performers that are responsible in life. It’s brought in from irresponsible switch hitters and gross homos like you.

10 years ago

Rates, menu items and touring schedule, please.

The whore, not the mope.

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