In The Mystery Of ‘Who Leaked The Kris Jenner Sex Tape’, I Suspect Kris Jenner

Mar 14, 2013
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Someone is shopping around a Kris Jenner sex tape, and if it’s anyone other than Kris Jenner herself, I will eat Kim Kardashian‘s weave. The supposed tape apparently depicts Kris and her first and late husband Robert Kardashian getting down in their kinky, 80s heyday and everyone is REALLY excited to see it, given how famous Kris is, and how successful and well-regarded. Oh wait, those facts aren’t super-duper true. In actuality, the incredibly self-infatuated Kris is kind of more known for clawing her way into the spotlight over the pregnant bodies of her own daughters, so I wonder who might be responsible for this sex-tape ‘leak’. Let me put on my Sherlock Holmes hat with the fuzzy ears and see if I can puzzle this out based on the National Enquirer article that announced it. Here’s a telling tidbit:

“Insiders believe the mas­termind of the Kardashian empire may have been caught on video during the 1980s, when she and her late husband Robert lived a wild lifestyle. And the incredible sex tape could now, after all these years, hit the market because of her huge success and threaten her estimated $75 million fortune.”


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10 years ago

What has Kris Jenner done other than marry rich bozos and pump out ugly daughters (at least the ones with Kardashian are ugly, the daughters from Bruce Jenner are too young to comment on)? Without her being the concubine of two rich men she and her daughters would probably have been reduced to prostituting themselves on Hollywood and Vine giving $20 blow-jobs and smoking meth or crack and shooting up heroin to take the pain away. Wake me when Kris Jenner and her TV-whoring daughters actually accomplish something of note, I will even stretch the definition and accept them getting… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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