It Only Took Astrid Star’s Suitcase Pimp 3 Months to Figure Me Out

Sep 29, 2021
Adult Business
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It’s been 10 years. 10 years of stealing IP’s and selling secrets to enemies of the USA.  I probably could of went another 10 years, however it appears I’ve meet my match. Astrid Star’s Suitcase Pimp/Baby Daddy/Power Of Attorney.

Apparently the guy who formed this well crafted tweet is smarter than every single person who’s had the misfortune of becoming a TRPWL target.

Outsmarted by a guy who dropped out of the 6th grade.


Pretty sure that neither Astrid or the idiot pimp even know what an IP is.

But there is he is, basically calling all of you stupid.

LOL, he’s so smart, he’s dating Astrid Star.

The military reject who claims she has top secret clearance and high up Government connections. Connections so high up, it’s taken months for them to bring in the guy selling out our nations secrets. Well not a guy, cuz the baby daddy pimp says TRPWL is a group of people. The only high up Astrid knows is her pimp when he’s packing the meth pipe.


Astrid, people who spend a few years in the navy don’t have high up connections, and we all know you’re NOT smart. Look at how your life played out. You’re living in a trailer, your baby daddy/suitcase pimp takes all your money, and you look like shit.

You and your Pimp call other performers ugly all day long, but you look like you’re growing a tail, and, he is just ugly.

Fore those that haven’t heard, take a listen to the baby daddy suitcase pimp:

LOL. Does that sound like someone who is…smart? Dude doesn’t even known what a power of attorney is. He claims to have power of attorney over Astrid, that would mean she’s incapacitated somehow, doped up doesn’t count, or she’s been in a mental institution, which could be a possibility.

Both of you are bat shit crazy, perfect candidates for a Jonestown type scenario. What flavor Koolaid you like?

Hey Baby Daddy, you wanna see something gross?

Astrid banging another notable drug addict, James Bartholet, does that turn you on? Does seeing that old flaccid penis in the same mouth you share a meth pipe with turn you on? After they shot that, were you able to taste ole man Bartholet’s man juice? Be honest, did it turn you on? Did you get high off it? I’m sure James’s semen is 90 % dead sperm, 10% stepped on cocaine.  While I have your attention, was there a tiny little Asian guy running around that shoot? Fucking James Bartholet doesn’t spell success.

Astrid, are you really calling people ugly?



“The man right chea.”

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