Jamaica: Anti-Gay Violence Escalates

Aug 31, 2013
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In the latest instance of Jamaica’s dangerously pervasive homophobic climate, a 41-year-old allegedly gay man was reportedly stabbed to death, his car stolen, and his house set on fire while his body was still inside on Aug. 28.

The Jamaica-Gleaner News Paper, reportedly citing the Western Bureau, stated that “renowned Montego Bay hospitality worker Dean Moriah was early this morning killed at his Bogue Village home in Montego Bay, burnt by unknown assailants. The police say Moriah was stabbed several times before the house was set on fire with him inside.”

Additionally, a mob attempted to attack two men they perceived to be gay following a minor car accident on Aug. 23 in Jamaica.

The victims were forced to take refuge inside of a local police station in Old Harbour, St. Catherine, after a resident accused the men of being gay and a violent mob formed in response, according to a video released by Jamaica LGBT News.

It is worth reiterating that there are no confirmed reports that these latter two men actually identified as gay. Rather, the angry mob mentality sparked from a perception and assumption framed by Jamaican attitudes toward LGBT individuals.


Jamaica — historically understood to be one of the most anti-gay countries on the planet — has seen a disturbingly high number of instances of violence targeting the LGBT community this month alone.

At the end of July, a mob reportedly chopped and stabbed Dwayne Jones, a gender non-conforming teen, to death at a party after attendees realized that Jones was biologically male. Last week, five men were trapped and barricaded inside of a house by the residents of their village after an “alleged homosexual man… made statements that made them gravely concerned.”

Since Time magazine branded Jamaica as “The Most Homophobic Place In The World” in 2006, attitudes and awareness surrounding the the country’s “abominable crime” legislation and violence against LGBT individuals has increased. In fact, last Wednesday LGBT advocates protested outside of the Jamaican embassy in D.C. in repose to Jones’ brutal murder last month.

For more updates of anti-LGBT violence in Jamaica, follow Jamaica LGBT News.


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