John Cena and Adult Star Kendra Lust ???

Feb 14, 2013
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There are rumors online that John Cena’s ex-wife Liz has revealed that Cena cheated on her with adult film star Kendra Lust. The rumor goes that the two met at a gym, hit it off and had a sexual relationship for one year while Cena was married. A Google search reveals that Cena and Kendra did have some interaction on Twitter but that’s about it. It appears she is a wrestling fan also. Since the rumor came out, Kendra is denying that she had a relationship with Cena via Twitter. The talk of Cena having an affair with Kendra are strictly rumors at this point. An anonymous fan mailed in these photos of Kendra posing with a WWE Title belt:


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Imposter Foster
9 years ago

What does Kendra Lust have that I don’t? Why won’t John Cena give me some loving? #AloneOnValentinesDay

9 years ago

You don’t want Cena, my Kooky Koko Kumguzzler. Dude only has 5 moves, always needs to be carried through his matches and relies heavily on the cheap pop. That’s not the kinda man you need. You need a guy like Dean Malenko. Dude got a thousand holds he rotates through, got over based on his work rate, and always know the right time to hit the finisher.

Imposter Foster
9 years ago
Reply to  crunkleshwitz

We have a lot in common because I need to be carried often. But you’re right, I don’t want John Cena. I would like to be with Mark and Jay Briscoe. We like and hate a lot of the same things. I sense that we have a deep connection.

9 years ago

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