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Feb 16, 2012
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It all began as a dare.

Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air has been in operation for 21 years. But, the sight-seeing airline isn’t just your run-of-the-mill regional airline. Oh, no. It’s an airline that requests mid-air sex.

The airline, started by a group of pilot friends who dared each other that they couldn’t get one couple to pay for a mid-air romp, is now a successful airline that takes people into the sky and lets them get it on.

“I have had a high heel in my ear once, been shot in the back of the head with a champagne cork, and thank God we wear headsets,” “Captain” Dave MacDonald told Cincinnati’s WCPO. He added: “What goes on behind the curtain is no concern of our ours. It is a matter of professionalism, our customers expect that. If I ever wrote a book it would be great.”

Airline reps tell the station that they offer as many as eight flights a day, for one hour at a time.

So, who books these flights? Co-owner Sharon McGee told the station: “Probably 90 percent of these [flights] that are booked, are booked by women. Sometimes they are trying to put a spark in their relationship, some are trying to save their marriage.”

The flight, which costs $425 per hour, includes champagne, chocolate and a “very discreet pilot,” the Daily News reports. Couples can even choose their flight path to see specific landmarks.

The airline has clearly hit at something. A study last year revealed that a whopping 95 percent of plane passengers want to become part of the mile-high club (20 percent claim to have already joined.) Last year, an Australian couple was arrested for having sex in an airplane bathroom. Mary J. Blige recently revealed that she was a member of the club.

More info at Flamingo Air

Source Huffington Post

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