Not Lana Rhoades Responds To Assault Allegations Using Lana’s Twitter, Sort Of UPDATED AGAIN

Oct 11, 2017
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Lana Rhoades Arrest

Not Lana Rhoades has deleted the Not Lana Rhoades tweets on the Official Lana Rhoades twitter ..

LOL  Why would Not Lana Rhoades delete Not Lana’s tweets? Especially since the not Lana tweets claimed Lana was innocent?

These tweets weren’t made by Lana.. We know who’s running the account, but will address that later. I’m told Lana is still in St. Josephs


After 48 hours removed from twitter, Lana finally addressed the accusations of assault and being arrested:

Lana Rhoades Arrest

We are pretty sure at this point she wasn’t actually arrested. However, we do know she made several calls from a local hospital and she’s been MIA for a few days.

Why would the police be called for someone who “fell” into the water?

And unlike Clinton, who said, “I did not have sexual relations with that women”, Lana didn’t commit to not assaulting AC. All she says is she didn’t punch her. I’m told she choked Adriana and kicked her.

Was she cuffed and taken to the Hospital for other reasons?

I spoke with the local PD and was told in certain instances appearance tickets are issued in simple misdemeanor cases.  But the victim would have to be willing to press charges..

If in fact Lana’s not at fault in anyway, why did LA Direct drop her?  I know Derek pretty well and he just won’t up and drop the AVN best newcomer and a top10 girl..

To many people pointing at her as being an issue and I doubt any amount of explaining on her end will justify her actions…

One thing is certain ,we haven’t heard the WHOLE story yet…

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6 years ago

Her actions can be easily justified under the terms of human weakness. When you are in bad psychological mood, you have taken a few more drinks and someone is pressing on your wounds it is quite normal to react like that. I am quite sure that at least one of the girls who were at the scene provoked her and lead her to explode. It can happen to everyone. Lana had a bad day, things got out of hand and all these lead to a catfight. Of course I am not trying to beautify what happen. It is still wrong… Read more »

6 years ago

Yeah but you spend all your time defending Lana all over the internet like it’s your job.

6 years ago

As of right now it seems to be her who is tweeting, since she has been uploading selfies…capturing videos and uploading to her Instagram.

6 years ago

^ Every person should be judged from his/her whole life and not by a single moment or a certain period. And I strongly doubt that Lana is the horrible person some people present her as. Of course she is far from being perfect. She has many weaknesses and she makes mistakes, like all human beings. After all, she is still very young. But, as far as I personally know, she was NOT addicted to any malicious substances (Alcohol, smoke or narcotics). She is NOT a bully or a public trouble maker either and she is NOT a regular Twitter “bitch”,… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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