A Little Note About Kevin Casali Glamour Talent

Apr 7, 2016
Adult Business News
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I keep hearing stories about this guy making threats towards companies and girls, some even show fear when talking about Kevin.. This dude is a little bitch.. He talks a big game, talks about gang ties, talks about how he runs shit..The only thing he runs is his mouth. The only fights he wins are against female talent.. In the 5 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen very few who are bigger pieces of shit. 3 months before AVN this dude called me, screaming about how he’s gonna do this and that to me, about how he’s got all these mafia connections, about how he runs Vegas and there will be nowhere for me to hide when I get there..

So when I see him eating at Luckys 24/7 club with 2 girls, I leave me table, in front of 6 people (witnesses),  go up to him, sit down were he’s sitting and ask him whats up?  He starts to stutter like a bitch, I proceed to explain to him that if he ever runs his mouth to me again he will get fucked up.. I then tell him that Ill be sitting right over there and if he’s got any more issues ill be done eating in 45 mins..Mr tough guy, gangster who runs Vegas didn’t do shit. He left and I never saw him again.

Im not writing this story to jack myself off, everyone that knows me knows that ever year at AVN, I find people who act like they’re Al Capone on twitter towards me and explain how life really is to them, its nothing new… Im writing this because I don’t want anyone to ever think this guy is legit..He’s a fucking fraud and should be laughed at on sight.

I cant keep girls from signing with this guy, its not my place to save the world. But when the smoke clears, just remember, we told you so. And by we, I mean the 50 people that come into contact with this guy each month who cant stand him. The girls he beats up, the girls whose twitter he hacks, the girls who leave him but he refuses to remove them from his website that’s not longer up..LOL

Kevin is and always will be, my bitch

Glamour Models Owner Kevin Casali Wanted By The Cops






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Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
5 years ago

Damn, LOL. That’s funny. This world is filled with these types

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