Loud Moaners Are Usually Big Fakers

Mar 12, 2012
Sex Talk
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Ohhh. Mmmm. Baaaaaaby!” are the noises we often associate with women getting it on. But do these noises actually come, heh, as a result of pleasure or expectation? After all, various forms of media usually depict our reaction to sex as loud and dramatic. Well, the verdict is in. Scientists at the University of Leeds have recently discovered that women are usually making their moans during sex to please their partners.

The study asked 71 women, ages 18-48, about their noisy sex habits, and while researchers found that many women did make noise, it was usually not due to some incredible orgasmic feat. Sixty-six percent of the ladies said they moaned to “speed up their partner’s climax” and 87 percent said theysimply wanted to “boost his self-esteem.” Even more disturbingly, some women also reported making noise because they were bored, tired or uncomfortable during the act!

I suppose this comes as no surprise, considering 80 percent of women have faked an orgasm at one time or another. Us ladies sure know how to do ourselves a disservice. “Ooooing and ahhhing” while you are uncomfortable may make him “feel better,” but what is it doing to your sex life together in the long run? Let the porn stars do the fake moaning — they get paid for it. I’m sure your neighbors will be happier too! [CNN]

Source: The Frisky

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