Is Luke Is Back Poaching From TRPWL aka The Little Guy Blog???

Sep 8, 2013
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Once LIB told me I was not one of the “Big Boy Blogs”; that the porn world only concerned themselves with Mike South, Gene Ross, Luke Ford, Luke is Back and Steve Nelson’s site…Forget that, at the time, my traffic was and is better than Luke Ford and my buddy Steve Nelsons’, and is presently ahead of big boy blog LIB…

Since Kelli has taken over, LIB has gone to shit. Of course Kelli likes to say traffic is up, but in reality LIB traffic was crap until the alleged HEP C case, and later when the HIV cases hit it fueled traffic to all of us. If you look at the top 6 or 7 blogs you will see the upward trend. With that being said, only 3 of us are moving up every day: TRPWL, Mike South, and Gene Ross.

All blogs re-post, we all feed off each other and for the most part it’s a given that headlines on one site will lead to posts on another. Ross uses TRPWL and gives credit, I use South and Ross and give credit, and the big boy blog LIB uses everyone and gives credit…well, to everyone except me.

If you look at the last 10 posts or so on LIB, they seem suspiciously close to mine. No biggie though, I mean Kelli and Cindi have made it perfectly clear that LIB is light years ahead of me… It’s just really odd that a day after I run something the same topic shows up on LIB. Again, maybe it’s a coincidence…

Or maybe they they take it, or source it to the original, so they DON’T have to credit TRPWL…




The above images are all sourced and linked content from LIB to the originating source posted in the last 5 days.


The above screen is from the HIV shutdown post plus the FSC presser. TRPWL was the first to put it up and it was used on like 17 different sites at the least..When you copy and paste anything from my site it automatically adds my link at the bottom. If you aren’t looking for it, you probably wont see it..You can clearly see my site link towards the end, which by the way is different then if you went to the search bar and grabbed it like a normal link…

Example: Copy and pasted from the Mr Marcus post:

I talked with Marcus a few minutes ago. Mr. Marcus told me, “The legal process is ongoing, we haven’t abandoned any defense. This is part of the process before any trial” – See more at:

Actual Link– >

See the difference???

My question is, if LIB links back to all the other things they post, why didn’t they link or say TRPWL was the original source??

LIB copy and pasted that post str8 from my site without as much as a thank you…

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Fake Mike South
10 years ago

What in tarnation is wrong with those two at Luke Is Back?

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
10 years ago

Ah, my HillBilly Homeboy, Luke Is Back is testosteronically impaired. Symptoms of the affliction are breast growth, depression, menses, and failure to think through the consequences of their actions. There is no cure, but alcohol consumption could help maintain denial. In any event, the failure to remove Young Sean’s link is a neophyte mistake that would result in harsh consequences, should someone competent be in a position of authority. Alas, just like I will pass out inebriated with my tongue in Rob Black’s rectum, the errors there will persist and the traffic will continue its decline. If not for the… Read more »

10 years ago

I never look at LIB. Fucking site is too green.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  Dakine
10 years ago

Once they started deleting comments, I stopped looking at the site. Unless my Sweet Coco starts commenting there again, I won’t be back there for a while.

Considering the wonderful job Kelli has done with the LukeFord site no one looks at or comments on, I think Cindi must keep LIB because she needs a write off.

Sad, because Cindi was at least nice and personable. Can’t say the same for Kelli.

10 years ago

Jeremy Steele killed LIB.

10 years ago

As long as you ignored his conspiracy kook stuff, Jeremy was the life blood of the site. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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