Manwin To Pay For Testing????? Looks Like It

Jun 22, 2012
Health, Safety & Testing
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Heres a discussion from the xbiz thread on testing….Sounds to me like Manwin is gonna pay for a portion at least of testing…You be the judge…

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11 years ago

That is just stupid. Why should Manwin pay for the tests when other companies would be using the same talent? Manwin should only pay for the monthly 2 tests in exchange for the work exclusivity of the talent during that time. With some many different sites/brands that wouldn’t be difficult to capitalize.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

For producers to pay for testing the most equitable way to achieve that would be a pooled system of producer contributions based on the number or performers hired per shoot day. The contributions could then go into a fund that covered all performer testing costs. The problem I see here is that Mr. Fattorosi has ceded Cal-OSHA’s position that all performers are employees and not independent contractors. Of course a regulatory agency such as OSHA takes that view — how many agencies decline the opportunity to regulate? — but no government entity is empowered to decree any class of workers… Read more »

Fake Mike South
Fake Mike South
11 years ago

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