How Many of These Vagina Urban Myths Do You Believe?

Jan 29, 2015
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Guys have some really misguided ideas about vaginas.

And it’s not entirely their fault. Maybe they’ve been listening to older brothers who claimed to be more vagina-savvy than they actually were, or high school pals who didn’t have access to the most reliable pussy data. Maybe they’ve been hanging out on parts of the Internet where information doesn’t always get fact-checked (otherwise known as “the Internet”).

Whatever happened, it’s easy to pick up some urban myths about vaginas and just assume they’re based on reality.Are you one of those people who’ve been carrying around fictional or semi-fictional vagina “facts” for too many years and just never bothered to find out the truth? Probably not, right? But just in case, let’s take a closer look at some common guy ideas about lady parts, and see if maybe you’ve been holding on to some very antiquated ideas.


1) The G-spot doesn’t exist
False! Are we really still confused over this? For once and for all, yes, Virginia, there is a G-spot!

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