Miami Cop Busted For Sexual Harrassment, Civil Rights Violations

Sep 6, 2012
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A police officer in Miami-Dade has been arrested by FBI agents for allegedly pulling over women drivers without probable cause so he could have ‘sexually suggestive conversations’ with them.

Prabhainjana Dwivedi, a seven-year veteran of the police force, was apprehended at police headquarters, putting him squarely on the other side of the law.

The complaint states that the 33-year-old deprived people of their civil rights after asking multiple women to expose their breasts and invite him into their homes – and never issue a citation.

According to the complaint obtained by the Maim Herald, Dwivedi had been acting in this reprobate manner for some time, keeping female drivers for ‘unreasonable’ amounts of time and then not issuing a citation. In some cases, he didn’t even ask for license and registration.

The FBI complaint states that last spring, the officer stopped a young woman leaving a night club. She told investigators that he claimed her headlights were not on and that she was drunk, though she denied both claims.

According to the complaint, Dwivdi asked her to sit in the back of his patrol car and unzip her dress to her mid-section, partially exposing her breasts.

The woman, identified as A.R., said that he kept her for an hour and a half before eventually letting her go without a citation. According to the Herald, he did not list the stop on his nightly activity report.

On the same night, he stopped a bartender who was driving home after a late night of work. The woman, identified as M.F., said that Dwivdi asked if she had any pictures of her surgically-enhanced breasts, the complaint reads.

He then followed up by asking her to see the scars from her breast-enhancement surgery, M.F. said.

Inappropriate questioning: Prabhainjana Dwivedi has been charged by FBI officials with civil rights violations after allegedly asking women to expose their breasts.

The woman told FBI investigators that the police officer then touched her breast, and at one point during the encounter, pulled the zipper to his trousers down.

The affidavit then reads that Dwivdi told M.F. he was going to follow her home to make sure she got back safely, but then asked for a drink once she arrived. M.F. said that he stayed for an hour, discussing his personal life.

Another complaint from June of 2011 alleges that he held two women and their boyfriends after accusing them of trespassing.

A woman, M.M. said that he then asked what kind of underwear she was wearing and pointed his flashlight at her cleavage.

The alleged civil rights violations took place between May and June of 2011.

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade police department told CBS Miami that the officer has been relieved of his duty, but his pay is pending based on the jury’s decision.

He has been released on a $150,000 personal surety bond and will return to court tomorrow.


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