Mike South Gets It ‘Exclusively’ Wrong AGAIN! TRPWL Owns LukeIsBack.com

Apr 28, 2016
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A few weeks back I got wind that Kelli was selling Luke Is Back. Knowing she wouldn’t sell it to me, I devised a way to trick her into selling it to a “friend’.  I wouldn’t call it a long con, but it took about a week of maneuvering to get her in line. I told her that someone tried to buy my site but his offer was to low, i then offered her 4gs from a 3rd party, she declined, I waited 6 hours then using the name, John Bench, offered her more through the site FLIPPA. She countered and I agreed.

ChGh5C_VEAAgcBJ.jpg large

Once I got to escrow, I needed to fill in address info, I googled ups boxes Hollywood and the first one that came up I used..Kelli had no clue, even when i made the mistake of emailing her back from my personal email, i quickly came up with a story about it being the same guy who tried to buy TRPWL and I was helping him find a good webhost.index

I even went the extra distance and created fake text messages between us then sent them to Kelli :



The hardest part of this was acting tech dumb. I had to pretend to not know what I was doing so I could ease Kelli into thinking it was truly a newb.  Even after I had the site, I emailed Kelli complaining about something that took 5 mins to fix. And for her part, Kelli was extremely helpful in the transition, of course she didn’t know it was me, but she was very professional.

I wanted the site because its been a black eye for the last few years. The site had become a junior Mike South site of lies. Baseless claims and paid attacks. All those posts have since been deleted.  The comment sections have been unlocked, all blocked user names have been unblocked.

The site will continue to run press, but it it will also run the things that I wont post on TRPWL. Twitter beefs, and the little gossipy shit I ignore.. TRPWL will continue to deliver the same award winning grammatically perfect posts y’all have become accustom to.

I sent out a brief PR about the purchase. Of course the idiot South will say it was because om him:


But as you can see, that PR was in the works a 30 hours before Souths latest bullshit.

Wanna hear something funny, South declared LIB to no longer be a credible news source.. LOL  South, the guy who has no credibility.

South declaring a site not credible is probably the best thing that could happen to it..  Manwin is trying to kill me and possibly sabotaged my moped to make it look natural..  That’s what I call a credible story Mike South  LOL 

Somewhere in this fucking idiots head he thinks he’s someone.

Psst hey Mike, someone else was on this way before you:


I made the mistake of moving it to my server but moved it back once I got this text..lol

Yea, Mike as usual, your the last to know..

Got some more good stuff going on, will be adding another site…Lets see how long it takes Mike South to figure it out

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Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
5 years ago

“All those posts have since been deleted.” LOL. Time to clean up the place.

5 years ago

Can someone get Jeremy Steele out of mothballs?

5 years ago

By the way, you should have gone with Thurman Munson over John Bench. Then you would get to giggle every time she typed “Mr. Munson” in emails.

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