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Jul 18, 2011
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This whole PWL mess reminds me of my kids.. No my kids aren’t raciest homophobes bent on world domination ..They are liars…In fact your kids are most likely liars as well. Huh, You didn’t know i had kids? WTF. Go read my wiki…In between beating my kids and having sex with my sister (for those of you new to this thats on my wiki as well) i like to dwell on how things went wrong for some of these people..

Hey Kaiden did you brush your teeth? Yea i did so im gonna play Xbox.. But already new the answer before i asked..Almost like i knew most answers about PWL before i ask.. Kaiden, I know you didn’t brush your teeth so just tell the truth and then go brush them.. ( its at this point he should know hes busted) But Dad i did brush my teeth so can i play Xbox? Ok if you brushed your teeth let me check your toothbrush for wetness.. Now here he thinks he has me because like PWL people he manufactured evidence. So heres were the last warning comes in.. Kaiden, i know you didn’t brush your teeth if i go into your bathroom and find out your lying then you dont get to play Xbox…Bamm..right there should be the turning point right? just like all the PWL stuff we have been slinging around..I didn’t pull these names out of a hat..Ive got stuff that will mind fuck you.. Ok back to fantastic story…Now if i was Kaiden i would think to myself, all i have to do is admit i was lying and brush my teeth then i can play xbox all day.. (maybe we should own up to pwl and move on) Kaidens response lets go look in the bathroom and check my toothbrush…So off we go to check his toothbursh and guess what? its wet…So theres Kaiden smirking thinking he pulled one over on ole whore loving gay mafia member fat Sean laughing inside plotting on new xbox downlaods and icecream..But now its time for the kill shot…Hey Kaiden let me smell your breath…FUCKING DONE
The moral, no matter how much you lie to me, you cant cover up the stink..

Im mind fucking some of you right now…So get ready to stroke the furry wall cuz your fucked

I know what your thinking, we have lost Sean, hes gonna leave TRPWL and move to NY and become a famous writer..Nope, im committed to the porn whores and one day i hope to be the leader of the gay mafia, maybe get my own reality show with other gay mafia members an select porn whores..We could call it it “Porn Shore” …

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11 years ago

Sean “The Don” of The gay mafia.

11 years ago

I have heard through the grapevine that Don Sean has been just been toying with certain individuals thus far, but his kiss of death is imminent…the Gay Mafia wins again! I like the analogy used in the blog, as well.

Mike South
Mike South
11 years ago

Well written bro and right on the money. Proud to be a porn whore loving , gay mafia member right along with ya.

11 years ago

Since I am not gay, I can’t be in the gay mafia but if Mike ever forms a straight mafia I am willing to be a charter member! I can tie up women, cane them (or whip them), Mike can be the stunt cock and someday I would even like to attempt a suspension scene with a kinky young woman. Mike can call the site “Kinky Women in Bondage”. Yes, I know Mike South doesn’t currently do this type of thing, but there is a big business there, Peter Acworth (who I also would not mind working for as a… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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