Is Nexxxt Level Talent Violating The California Talent Agency Act?

Jul 27, 2017
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A few days ago, I was minding my business, playing on Twitter, and being the all around great guy that I am.

Drunk with happiness after landing Jay Ajayi in a free agent bidding war against my nemesis Pete, I tweeted some random things I had heard about Nexxxt level Talent agency..

And just like Pete did, I was accused of making stuff up and being dishonest.. Let me perfectly clear, I didn’t cheat Pete, I just made him think a trade was gonna happen, that purely by accident, fell thru after I had won Ajayi.  My bad Pete

When my insightful tweets about Nexxxt Level went out, 2 people came to their defense. One of those people was non other then Jonathan Morgan’s roommate/girlfriend, Lauren Phillips.  We don’t follow each other, she just popped up on my timeline, made herself look stupid, blocked me, then wiped her account in some Urban X effort to hide the truth.

Out of all the tweets that went out, this is my favorite:

When I asked her if she dated Jonathan and she said no, my phone lit up faster then Scottie’s coke dealer after Scottie accidentally steals a debit card. I had no fewer then 4 people all text me within 2 mins of each other calling her a liar.

Word to the wise, when you tweet TRPWL in a not so nice way, rest assured it will get screened BEFORE you can delete it. Then one day, it will be used against you like a gang banger selling out the homies on A&E’s award winning show, The First 48.

The point of this finally crafted story isn’t the Nexxxt Level musical beds. And I really dont have time to get into how a girl was allegedly offered a part in a Jonathan Morgan flick only to have the offer revoked when she backed out of a Nappa Valley weekend..

No, I’m gonna stick to the most glaring issue with Nexxxt level, the fact that they produce moves and book there own talent in those same movies.

Lets start with the a section from the Talent laws section of

No talent agency may refer an artist to any person, firm, or corporation in which the talent agency has a direct or indirect financial interest for other services to be rendered to the artist, including, but not limited to, photography, audition tapes, demonstration
reels or similar materials, business management, personal management, coaching, dramatic school, casting or talent brochures, agency-client directories, or other printing.
From the California Labor Code regarding agents
A similar motivation is presumably behind the guild regulations, the most important of which states that agents cannot own financial interests in production or distribution entities.

The reasons for this are boring, but in essence, this is in place to keep agents from taking advantage of talent.. Whether it be lower rates or promises about doing certain movies the agent knows not to be true.. IE: “Will you do this for a lower rate, this movie will be huge and win awards” or “I’ll make sure you get the box cover, in exchange for the lower rate”   How much lower can a $500 B/G go??  Ask Jonathan.

Remember, the agents job is to negotiate the best deal for the talent, if that agent has a financial interest on both sides of the isle, there is a definite conflict.

Nexxxt Level owners Jonathan Morgan and Andre Madness both produce movies.  Jonathan shoots for Wicked and Andre shoots for whoever will hire him.

Below are some movies directed by Jonathan Morgan, part owner of Nexxxt Level:

The Driver – With Harley Jade, Lauren Phillips, Charlotte Cross, Cassidy Klein, Lucas Frost, and Jay Smooth from Nexxxt Level.  6 out of 8 performers in that movie are or were with Nexxxt Level.

Crash – Edyn Blair, Alexa Grace, Kenzie Taylor, Lauren Phillips, Lucas Frost.  5 out of 8 performers are or were with Nexxxt Level.

Reunited – Bianca Breeze, Katy Kiss, Lauren Phillips, Cassidy Klein, Lucas Frost. 5 out of 9 performers in that movie are or were with Nexxxt Level.

As you can see, 16 of the 25 roles went to Nexxxt Level talent.

In fact almost every movie Jonathan has shot since the inception of Nexxxt Level has more then one person from the Next Level roster

Since Nexxxt Level launched in 2014, we counted 19 movies directed by Jonathan Morgan, of those 19, 11 Nexxxt Level girls got the cover, including ‘Bijou’, a movie where the only female talent was Asa Akira and Keira Nicole. Anyone wanna guess which girl got that box cover? If you guessed the girl that flipped out on set one day and started cutting her own hair off, you’re correct.

From AVN today:

Multiple award-winning director Andre Madness is at the helm of the newest series from Devil’s Film: Fucking the Neighbors.

The star-studded cast features Alana Cruise, Ella Nova, Avi Love and Maya Kendrick, all from Nexxxt Level Talent Agency.

“I was honored when I was asked to direct the first movie in a new series for Devil’s Film,” Andre Madness said. “So I wanted to stack the deck and load it up with some of the best performers out there.”

The PR fails to mention that Andre is part owner of Nexxxt Level. It’s one thing to allegedly break the rules, but its another to be so blatant about it.

The way I read it, Nexxxt Level seems to be in violation of certain parts of the TAA.

In the end none of it really matters, Nexxxt Level will continue to book girls in movies they have a financial interest in, give box covers to girls who might not deserve them, and basically snub their noises at the agencies that try and abide by the California’s Talent Agent Act.

Or maybe this whole post is a lie.
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6 years ago

Haha The First 48! Next Level has always been sort of a fucked up agency

Fuck Next Level
Fuck Next Level
6 years ago

Morgan and Andre are assholes. Glad they are getting the recognition they deserve

6 years ago

Does NexxxtLevel have actual/real offices or are they yet another modeling “agency” that is located is someones living room. These guys look like might be doing a Regan Senter but getting cash, discounts and free poon.

Trump Won, Stop The Steal
Trump Won, Stop The Steal
3 years ago

Coxx models and hussie models do this as well, cast their own talent in their movies. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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