Nicole Doshi, Leana Lovings, and Motley Models #Contracts #No Contracts #Gelbard

Apr 1, 2023
Adult Business
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I really enjoy shitting on Motley Models, and fortunately for your Ole’ Boy TRPWL, Motley continues to fuck people over.

Take Nicole Doshi, unhappy with her representation over at Motley, she asked to be let out of her contract. Dave allegedly asked her for 30k to buy out. Instead of caving into the extortion, I’m told Nicole hired an attorney, not just any attorney, but one who is quite capable of dealing with fucked up contracts.

Now I’m not an Ivy leaguer who does the peepee in cups, but even I know that once an agency gets it’s contracts approved, they can’t add to it without sending it back for reapprovel. If that contract was altered after approval, it’s not valid, and the agent has to pay back the fees collected. I bet in Doshi’s case, that’s over 20k..Imagine trying to scam a girl out of 30k, only to be hit with a bill for 20k plus?  LOL  ouch..

But wait, there’s more. see, Motley is upset that Doshi wants to leave,  so they sent her a mean email expressing their disdain and refusing to allow her to participate in Daves GF games..If only.

What they really did is try to ruin her reputation as a performer. How you ask?

Double bookings, knowing one would be killed, no call bookings, emailing her bookings after midnight, for shoots the same day, and in one instance, not providing some very important details about a shoot. While I won’t get into the particulars of the scene, ill try and give you an example that’s equal to what Motley did..

Imagine Blacked books you for a BG, you’ve never shot for them, so you go look at their site, and take notice of the male talent they use. You show up the next day, walk into the room, and find out your scene partner is Beetle Juice, something your agent was aware of but neglected to tell you. Basically trying to get you to back out of the scene and cost production money.

Luckily, Nicole is a professional, and did her scene, and wasn’t about to let Motley win that battle.

So while Motley is doing its best to fuck over Nicole, and others with crazy contract buyouts and shady booking practices, they most recently signed Leana Lovings and her sexy glasses.. When they found out she didn’t want to sign a contract, with any agency, they told her she didn’t have to sign one.

Which is basically telling everyone else on the Motley Roster they aint shit..

Scamming girls out of thousands in buyouts, while signing Leana to no contract.

Still curious though, if Motley is so good at what they do, why do they even need contracts?

Spiegler Agency doesn’t have them, but that’s just one of the reasons they are the best. Lets just hope George keeps teaching Mark the ins and outs of porn talent management.

Anyway, girls will keep signing with Motley, and Motley will keep fucking them over, and ill keep writing about it

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