NO! HIV + Performers Can Not Get Back Into PASS

Sep 8, 2018
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Whenever there’s a HIV scare in porn the rumors begin to fly about how that particular person will somehow manipulate the system and begin shooting again, provided his viral load is low enough not to trigger a positive test.

These rumors are usually started by idiots, like Mike South aka Tom South aka Michal Strother, the disgraced blogger who told so many lies his site was finally taken away from him in a court of law. He’s so pathetic, he had to beg the new owners for a few bones so he could write his drivel and feel relevant. His hatred for porn obviously outweighs what little bit of pride he has left..

Anyway, I figured I’d ask someone at FSC:

It sort of boggles my mind that people continue to bitch and moan about PASS, and how its not safe blah blah blah, but celebrate people like Lena the Plug and Adam 22, both of whom bang porn chicks both of whom I’m told aren’t are in PASS and most likely not tested regularly.

I know, I know, NO ONE ever got HIV from a celeb…

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