Not criminals, not victims: Sex workers’ lives thrown into chaos under C-36

Nov 10, 2014
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Another great post from Joyce Arthur at —

On Thursday, November 6, seven masked sex workers spoke at a press conference in Vancouver to give specifics on how Canada’s new prostitution law will harm them. The theme was “What a Difference a Day Makes” — because on Wednesday they were responsible working adults providing a legal service to ordinary Canadians, and on Thursday the law had transformed them into helpless victims being exploited by violent predators and perverts.

The speakers wore disguises and used false names because despite their supposed “victim” status, the new law actually brands them as criminals. Their communications, advertising, clients, and support systems have all been re-criminalized or newly criminalized under the clearly unconstitutional law, which had received Royal Assent on that very day. As one of the speakers said: “The government says they want to protect us, but it’s clear here in Bill C-36 that they do not. They view us as criminals and wish to eradicate our community.”

PhotoL Esther Shannon

PhotoL Esther Shannon

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