Oakland Will Now Force Landlords to Evict Sex Workers

Oakland Will Now Force Landlords to Evict Sex Workers

From Kate Conger in SF Weekly —

Oakland can now force landlords to evict sex workers from their homes under new changes to an existing Oakland law.

Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker calls herself an advocate for women’s empowerment. Go feminism!

At the recommendation of Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker [a Democrat], the Oakland City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to expand The Nuisance Eviction Ordinance which requires landlords to evict certain tenants over allegations of drug dealing or weapons crimes, and gives the City Attorney’s Office the power to order such evictions.


But the City Council is has now expanded its eviction powers to include “prostitution-related crimes,” gambling, and the possession of certain ammunition. If the city orders an eviction, the landlord must pay for it — and can be cited by the city for maintaining a nuisance if he or she does not move to evict the tenant.

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3 Responses to "Oakland Will Now Force Landlords to Evict Sex Workers"

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  2. Voltaire   October 23, 2014 2:50 pm at 2:50 PM

    Absolutely no unintended consequences can come from the enforcement of this law I’m sure (sarcasm)…

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