Orgasms For Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Dec 5, 2012
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First of all, get your mind’s out of the gutter, you naughty boys and girls! I will not be donating actual orgasms to Hurricane Sandy survivors. Besides being vastly inappropriate, I’m not sure if that is even humanly possible. Although, I do like a good challenge….., but we must focus, so I digress. My oh so witty title is referring to’s Girl of the Month and Girl of the Year contest. Fans can vote once a day by entering a CAPTCHA and their email. If fans hit the link to tweet that they voted, I will receive an extra vote. If a website owner places my embedded link on their website, I will get an extra 50 points. The winner of the monthly contest will receive $1,000 and the winner of the year contest will receive $25,000, totaling in $26,000 in cash and other prizes (like a photo shoot) for the Girl of the Year. I would like to ask all of my fans and colleagues to help me win Girl of the Month for December and Girl of the Year 2013 in January so we can donate $26,000 to help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy.

This past year, you, my fans and friends have helped me win 2 other contests, What’s Brewin’ After Dark and Blog ‘O Porn’s Model of the Year. Although I am honored with the titles, this contest has a cash prize, and the competition is beyond fierce. Even though, I love money and like winning contests too, I genuinely want to help Hurricane Sandy survivors. As many of you know, I spend a lot of time in New York City and consider it my 3rd home (1st being Milwaukee, of course). Living in Los Angeles, we do not get to see the daily news of how people are still homeless and suffering. Average middle class people, like many of us, that could barely afford to keep the houses they had, now have no houses and no money to rebuild or buy a new one. Many cannot even afford studio apartments. I was on vacation there last week, staying in a nice hotel, eating room service watching this, feeling pretty shitty. Even though, I donate money and give money, food, clothes (and cigarettes) to the homeless, I want to do more and need to do more.

I believe that if people had the extra money, they would donate it to someone less fortunate than themselves. One would hope that type of selfless kindness is not gone, especially this time of year. I know I still believe, but times are still tough for a lot of people and with the Holidays right around the corner, people do not have anything extra to give. I figured, why not use this contest so that everyone involved can help by donating their time and voting, and in return I will donate the money on everyone’s behalf to those that need it more than we do right now. $26,000 would help out a lot of people, and all it will take is a minute out of everyone’s day for the next 2 months to vote.

If I win, I will be donating all the money to All Hands Volunteers. Well not all of it, I’m not sure if I will have to pay some sort of tax if I win the $25,000 yet, but maybe because I’m donating I won’t have too…. I will look into that. If I do have to pay taxes on it, that will be deducted from the winnings, but everything else will be donated. I would like to think that I would not have to pay taxes on it if I’m donating it, but I am talking about the American Government, which is a different blog all together, so I will let everyone know. I will be posting documented proof that the winnings did indeed go to All Hands Volunteers as well, so there’s no suspicion of funny business. 🙂

Let’s start off next year on the right foot by giving to those that are less fortunate. Help me donate $26,000 to Hurricane Sandy survivors by voting me to be the next Girl of the Month, and the 1st Girl of the Year. It is probably one of the easiest things to do in the world, and it would be helping so many people. I would still get the magnificent title, and we all would be helping people that truly need it. If anyone puts my embedded link on their website, I will be sending them a goodie bag with autographed DVDs, 8X10 pictures, and my Adult Trading Cards, and as always, I will be posting awesome pictures on Twitter. We can totally do this people, and it is for a great cause, so there is no reason not too!

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