Pastor Jack Hibbs Tries to Scare California Churchgoers About Transgender Law (Video)

Oct 28, 2013
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The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is a conservative California law firm that has been attacking a transgender teen in Colorado, falsely claiming that the student has been harassing girls in locker rooms and bathrooms.


The PJI has uses this fake story to scare Californians into signing a petition at to put a new California law, which currently protects transgender students in the Golden State, on the ballot in Nov. 2014 in hopes of repealing it via public vote.

The deadline for the petition is November 6, so the PJI recently enlisted the help of Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Church in Chino Hills, Calif. who appears in a new video (below) warning churchgoers of the transgender protection law.

According to, the video featuring Pastor Hibbs was played in several California churches this weekend.

“You didn’t hear about [this law] because our leaders don’t want you to hear about it,” claims Pastor Hibbs. “Because as one of our polls clearly shows us, if you do hear about it, you’re upset about it.”

However, in reality, the law has been covered widely. If people have not heard about the law, it has been their choice not to.

AB 1266 allows a K-12th grade student, of either gender, to self-determine their particular gender… what they feel like on any given day,” adds Pastor Hibbs. “A boy can decide, think, ‘Maybe I’m a female, maybe I associate better with the female gender, so I determine now to go into the girl’s locker room, the girl’s bathroom, or maybe I want to sign up for the girl’s sport program.’

Pastor Hibbs didn’t mention that his scary scenario has not actually happened in California since the bill went into effect this school year.

He then directs people to the petition on, and adds: “This is not some sort of a political plea.”

However, this law is certainly seen as political by many people.

Herman Rowland, Sr., head of Jelly Belly Candy Company, gave $5000 to fund, reported The Advocate.

In response, a petition has been created by the  National Center Lesbian Rights to oppose his support:

Jelly Belly Chair Herman Rowland Sr. is using some of his fortune to fund an effort to overturn California’s new School Success and Opportunity Act. This law ensures that transgender students are allowed to participate in school programs and activities just like every other boy and girl.




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