Performers Weigh in On Union Dictator Alana Evans Plans to Destroy Their Brand #APAG #PornUnion

Aug 4, 2021
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Last week I wrote a very compelling opus about Alana and her cronies wanting to do away with performers tweeting nudes..And I wrote it without attending an Ivy league school or pissing in a cup. Which pretty much makes me the greatest blogger ever

Whilst <—– (first time I’ve used this word) penning it, I thought of all the ways Alana would try and defend the ‘APAG give us your money and here’s why list.’

But she never uttered a word, publicly..Privately it was brought up, her circle isn’t as trust worthy as she thinks. 🙂

And here why she stayed mum.. For you guys at XBIZ, Mum is an adjective that means keeping quiet.

Come to find out, she’s been wanting to get rid of twitter nudes for 10 years

Now, before I get started with an in depth report and excellent punctuation, I’m not advocating for either side, I see both arguments. But to be honest, twitter has come along way with protecting people from unwanted nudity, and if you’re 11 year old has a twitter, you’re a bad parent.

The problem is Alana holds herself out to be an advocate for the adult industry, but took it on herself and the rest of the cronies to make decisions based on personal belief, rather then the will of the people..In this case, performers.

Since I’m a man of the people, I asked 34 girls their thoughts on the matter.

I’m leaving their names out of this because Alana and her ilk attacking performers who don’t agree with them is well known..Don’t forget she’s one the ones that bullied Dakota to her 590k followers and gave her name to the cops. She’s doxed multiple performers and currently allegedly under investigation by law enforcement for cyber crimes. yes your Union President..

Won’t use your name— How important is Twitter to your brand? And if you were no longer able to tweet nudes, would it impact you financially?


Here are the responses

P1   VERY important. yes it would. A few years ago it was even more important. My first big roles I was told “this is because of your high Twitter following” NOW, my following # hasn’t grown in YEARS, not sure how many people are still even seeing what I tweet. But I would say it’s 10/10 very important

Also when you go to shoot w someone, the first thing EVERYONE DOES is check their Twitter, their pics and following.. then IG, then maybe agency pics 3rd.

P2. Twitter pays my rent. Alana has always been bat shit crazy, fuck her & her union

P3 Twitter is very important to me because it’s one of the few ways I know I can have a verifiable account to post from and also connect to other performers from their verified accounts. It’s my main way of networking and booking shoots. If I could no longer tweet nudes, I would be okay with that as I’ve been trying to slowly change into more non nude photos to encourage funneling people to subscribe to my free content sites with option to buy’

P4 Who’s trying to do that? dumpf voters probably

TRPWL sends link to APAG post

That bitch has lost her mind. Tweeting nudes is how drive only fans traffic. Will this happen?!?

P5 I don’t know why you waste so much time on those bitches they wont ever ever be able to pull that off. But it would hurt me financially if they did

P6 I have only been doing this for 16 months, it would basically end my career. twitter is a way for me to find new fans, I can’t do that wearing jeans and a floral print top. plus have you seen my tits?? I can’t keep these bad boys hidden

P7 very — it’s where I personally have my largest following and most industry connections. Second question: yes, but it there is the chance that it could be a positive impact

the porn union is a joke I wouldn’t worry too much about them or what they are trying to do. I’d be ok at this point, and that’s only because I have almost 800k in follows. If I was just starting out, and couldn’t tweet nudes, I doubt I would have any nominations or the OF following I have. It’s a terrible idea. Why didn’t you text me this, I hate messages on here

P9 Clearly twitter is probably the second best tool to build fans with behind Porn Hub. Why is Porn Hub so popular? because like my timeline, it is free nudes. Then the up sell, like I do on twitter.

Why are people have no real connection to porn anymore trying to regulate how we make our money —  That’s the question I have

Best answer off topic

P10 The girls connected to the union would of been lucky to get 50 scenes in a life time if twitter had existed in their day. they remind of those old men who buy corvettes because they cant handle getting old. Twitter = $!

The best answer, on topic

P11. Super important, and yes it would impact me financially I believe. It would basically be Instagram to me which is at this point completely useless

That last answer is great. Alana and the grannies used the fake IG war to muster up members and cash. And now they want to turn twitter into IG

I call the IG war fake because Alana sold it as a war on Sex Workers, when in reality, accounts from all walks of life were getting banned left and right..The fitness industry was hit even worse..But Dictator Evans didn’t see any money in bringing that up.

So Alana attacks IG for for what she calls discriminatory practices/not wanting partial nudity, while simultaneously trying to remove nudity from twitter, a move that would effect all performers, in a mostly negative sense.. It’s disgusting that Alana thinks her way is the right way, fuck everyone else

For those of you who don’t see your responses here, there is a follow up. And it’s even better


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Trader Joe
Trader Joe
2 years ago


Porn is freedom
Porn is freedom
2 years ago

P4 has permanent TDS, Alana is a biden supporter. Alana picked a fight with IG, paypal etc. to get attention not to help her sw friends.

joe blow
joe blow
2 years ago

alana is an obama-tron. hope she likes her face diaper and her shot.

2 years ago

Sorry but this is the dumbest smear campaign that I have ever seen. Even if Alana said this, it’s over a decade ago. Why in the hell would you even present a story that may or may not have even started over a decade ago? What you got nothing else to do? How come when Alana does something good for the industry you don’t post anything about it but is real quick to try to knock her down? Question, what the hell have you done to improve the industry or are you only interested in clicks?

Last edited 2 years ago by Junior
2 years ago
Reply to  Junior

It’s not 10 years old. That same thing is in the CURRENT APAG filing. This is what she wants to do. As for good, what good? Trying to make money off the performers ? Lying about being assaulted? Lying about Dakota? Lying about Stormy and the dress? Lying about Brian McKnights kid? She’s an attention whore, and I am to give her what she wants. Thanks for the click, “Junior”

2 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Well I certainly would like to know where this is on the APAG website because I can’t seem to find it. And, isn’t this the statement from Alana on Friday? (1) Alana Evans (@alanaevansxxx) / Twitter

2 years ago

It’s not the apag filing you are citing It’s IEAU.

2 years ago
Reply to  Factcheck

You’re mistaken. It’s taken directly from the APaG filing. Nice try though. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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