Talent Testing Services (TTS) DataBase Used In Outing Of Pornstars Real Names

Jul 11, 2016
Adult Business News
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It’s 2016 in Pornland, with all the problems the industry faces, the leaking of real names shouldn’t be one of them..

A few years ago FSC developed the PASS system, its basically a dump for all of the industry’s testing results.  Production could use it to determine if someone was cleared to shoot. PASS doesn’t use DOB’s, it doesn’t connect all 3 identifiers on one screen.

While this isn’t fool proof, a data breach would reveal minimal information.

But what if Talent Testing Services gets breached?  What if someone in porn had an axe to grind, what info what they have access to??

The TTS database contains your stage name, legal name and DOB.  Their database is porn name searchable, meaning if you have access to it, you could search a performer by stage name and come back with their legal name and DOB..  You can then take that legal name, search them and their families on social media, like Facebook, the one place that porners have in common with mommy and daddy, sisters, brothers and family friends.. The one place were you can gleam private info and put faces to it all..Fantastic information to have if your beefing with someone in the industry.

In the last few days, the information contained in the TTS database has been used to out several girls.

Gee Sean, what kind of person would use that info for bad?

More to come…..

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Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious
6 years ago

In other words Shy Love who is an Unlicensed Talent agent who is on her last leg hiding in a town just outside of Amsterdam and sneaks in the USA here and there is Pissed at many and declaring wars fighting these battles up a hill. Its rather obvious Shy Love leaked girls information in retaliation while caught up in wars she can no longer win with those who really dont care. This pathetic ignoramus compulsive spontaneous rambunctious bullshit artist did this and we all know it. Testing facilities should not be handing out access to clearly unlicensed individuals and… Read more »

Yo Momma
Yo Momma
6 years ago

I didn’t even know Shy was still around? Certainly wouldn’t put it past her to out girls? Where did she do this at? She’s such a scumbag Mike South dick sucker

6 years ago

Gerson Machado / Parabens Zeca , gostei de seu comentário , sou espirita tambem , e fico feliz em saber que a doutrina ajudou vc a superar , mostra claramente que DEUS esta ao lado das pessoas dependente da religião que a pessoa faz parte . Abraços .. GenGsrsootei deste comentário ou não: 2

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