Plush Talent Is NOT a Licensed Talent Agency In California

Mar 14, 2016
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Last week Kelli over at Luke Is Back wrote that Scott Ohanian’s Agency ‘Plush’, was licensed and bonded in the state of California, even going as far as to say she called:

“Now I personally have seem the paperwork including a copy of the bond and I have spoken with a rep from the state of California licensing division (a nice lady named Janine) and she personally confirmed they are in fact licensed with the state.”

Their California license number is TA-213308. As to why they don’t appear on the website, I don’t know. All I can say is that I personally spoke with someone from the California Department of Industrial Relations and they confirmed Plush Talent LLC is in fact a legally licensed agency.

This morning, The State Of California updated their license list and guess what? Plush isn’t on it. After seeing Scott or Plush wasn’t on the list, we called, giving them the same License number Kelli posted on LIB (TA-213308) we were told that NO SUCH LICENSE existed..


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Christy Nelson
Christy Nelson
5 years ago

Who cares Derek Pimped me out. He’s licensed that’s a violation

5 years ago

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