Pornography acts on the brain like a drug- Its true, i read it on the internet

Apr 9, 2013
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Pornography is the reason why one out of every four people gives for going on the internet. The “Pornography Epidemic” is taking over the mind of some adults and you have to wonder how it affects the mind in the long run.


Pornography has changed over the years and ultimately it changes your sexual tastes and desires

The not so shocking truth is that pornography has profound consequences on the brain. In many cases like a drug, over time your tolerance is increased, and many find themselves addicted even though it’s not a physical substance, it increases your tolerance over time, you become addicted to it wanting more of it, people lose control of themselves and will do anything to get their ‘fix’ of it, and it leads to compulsivity and withdrawal when it goes away.

It causes long term issues and changes in the neuroplasticity of the brain

Dopamine is released whenever you accomplish something, whether it be eating to sustain life or having sex to produce future life. It alters and constructs the brain cells to promote connections in neurons to produce this same action in the future. It rewires your brain.

The National Institute of Health has done studies that show the more addicted you are, the harder you will work at it to get it, and the more you get it the more dopamine is released. Dopamine is also released during sexual excitement which pornography plays right into. The more you do it, the more dopamine gets released which enforces the pornography behavior, so that you not only desire it in the future, you require it.

It gets harder to escape

The more you imagine these pornographic images away from the computer and while you are having an orgasm sets up a vicious cycle that is hard to break, making it even harder to have a normal sex life and relationship with someone by making it more difficult to be turned on by reality or finding your mate less attractive .

How do you break the cycle

Usually when people become aware of this cycle they often stop. The brain can be described as a :use it or lose system,” the ones you use become strengthened as you use them and the ones you’re not using become weakened. Avoid bad habits, acquire healthy habits.


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9 years ago

It’s like any other addiction. If it’s a compulsive activity that’s fucking up your job, friends, and family life. It’s an addiction.

I just don’t know the hard numbers on actual ‘pornography addiction.’

How many have done time for possession?

Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

Oh, Bull to the Puckey. All of you who use porn regularly and yet have no problem dating or relating to regular people, please raise your hand. Not you, Fake Monica, Donkey, or Fake Shelley. Dopamine highs can take place with any kind of successful activity, from running to getting married to winning a race. Nowhere has it ever caused people to disrupt their lives. I have an idea for a “healthy habit”: Watch more and BETTER porn. And, don’t take it too seriously; those are trained professionals. You know what else acts on the brain like a drug?? Bad… Read more »

Imposter Foster
9 years ago

My only addictions are wine and sushi from the Gulf of Mexico. I lead a very successful life even though I no longer speak to Jesus. He was my dealer and I can no longer afford cocaine. Cam shows only $1.97 a minute. I’m the Walmart of camgirls. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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