On July 21st, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) submitted its official “rebuttal to opposition’s argument” statement with California Secretary of State’s office for inclusion in the state voter pamphlet.  The text of the rebuttal specifically states that IEAU supports Prop. 60.

However, as of the July 21st submission date, neither IEAU or its related entities who hold the sole authority to represent adult film worker IEAU-members (the APAG and the 242 Crew Union) had actually reviewed or voted to take a position on Prop 60.

Despite being aware of this, AHF falsely (and prominently) featured the group as a backer of the Proposition in its ballot guide, in a way that would unlawfully mislead California voters.

In fact, last night, the IEAU’s adult film worker chapters voted to remain neutral on Proposition 60 — with several board members voting to oppose and none voting to support the initiative. Additionally, they unanimously voted to have an unauthorized signature by a person falsely claiming to represent the organization, redacted from AHF’s rebuttal statement in support of Prop 60.

Representatives of AHF attended the meeting, evidence that AHF was well-aware that their official statement contained false and misleading information.

Proposition 60 is thirteen pages of detailed legalese that gives every resident of California the right to sue adult film performers. Perhaps AHF’s only strategy with the flawed initiative is to try and fool voters.

Here are the facts:  Proposition 60 is opposed by the California Democratic Party, California Republican Party, California Libertarian Party, as well as civil rights and public health organizations including Equality California and the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center, and the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC), the largest independent performer organization in the industry.

We call on AHF to immediately withdraw its rebuttal and stop trying to mislead voters.

Paid for by Californians Against Worker Harassment, sponsored by the Free Speech Coalition