Proof APAC President Ana Foxxx Gives Zero Fucks About Performers

Nov 20, 2020
Adult Business
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I’ve been debating posting this DM for about a month. But, at the end of the day, Anna continues to lie about the Lasha Lane letter and is allowing the APAC twitter to promote the scam known as BIPOC Collective, so I said why the fuck not.

For those that are new, BIPOC is being run by at two people accused of financial crimes, Sinnamon Love and Lasha Lane.  Sinnamon directly benefits from money donated to BIPOC and Lasha is just her lackey. A lackey who uses resources APAC has built up over the last 6 years to help line her friends pockets.

In a DM to me, Ana stated she wanted to give money to BIPOC, but they refused to tell her what the money would be used for.  That lead to Anna pulling back her offer.

I’m not the only person Anna has mentioned her distrust of BIPOC to. Several people have reached out to me, one even offering up a communication between themselves and Ana as proof.

In the letter that Ana was scared to send to Lasha, she wanted to distance APAC from BIPIOC, or as she said   “The final issue at hand is the article about BIPOC. We have had a flood of members concerned about the allegations made by the now infamous article. Given how many members have expressed serious concern, as the President, I have to consider the perspective of those who have entrusted me with this position. We as a board, want to distance ourselves from the organization until they have at least 501c3 status of their own accord.

So the APAC President tells me she didn’t give BIPOC money because she couldn’t get a straight answer on where HER money would be going, has absolutely NO issues with YOU giving BIPOC YOUR money

This was one of those, Whites and Johns have to donate to Sinnamons light bill events

Like this one

Still can’t get over how people are ok with a “if you’re white you have to pay” event but whatever..

Ana lacks any sort of leadership ability, is afraid of Lasha, and doesn’t want to publicly be at odds with BIPIOC out of fear..She would rather you part with your hard earned cash then stand up for you, the people who count on her to lead.

As one former APAC board member said, “APAC is now APAG, no one trusts the people in charge”

Take the letter, Instead of admitting the letter is real, Ana tells people I made the whole thing up, even though in this post, I showed that both Anna and Lotus were in possession of the letter,

Instead they resort to calling me a pedophile,. lol  like somehow that obvious lie will some how prove that I made this whole thing up.

How did that work out for you BTW?

Next, they will accuse me of hacking into Anas twitter and sending that DM to myself


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Release the Kraken Noname
Release the Kraken Noname
3 years ago

They’re all in on the scam. Shame on them.

Ana's backbone
Ana's backbone
3 years ago

APAC hasn’t been relevant since Ela Darling. They can’t have more than 20 members - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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