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Sep 9, 2011
Adult Business News
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Some emailed me about the sale of PWL, making it sound like it was mine …Any person thats not completely retarded knows the truth but for those that dont, donny tried to broker a deal for the owners.. here you go ..this is were it started

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12 years ago

sensible people know that you don’t own pwl, never have, never will, and had no vested interest in it other than taking it down. you accomplished that. I think most people are grateful, as they should be.

however, a handful of people seem to feel the need to manufacture information and/or misinformation to suit an agenda created in their [apparently] delusional minds. there’s not a lot anyone can do about that – without creating disharmony.

the people who matter know the truth.

12 years ago

My offer stands, $37.00 I think it was. I’ll throw in a 12 of Milwaukee’s Best, to help sweeten the deal. Cans of course, I don’t think they market that swill in bottle form.

12 years ago

So it’s still for sale? I’ll pitch in for you to buy it and redirect it to your site. Not kidding. Perhaps more money than you think but nowhere near $5k.

12 years ago

Fuck that. people are gonna buy it for the traffic to forward to their sites. WE took that shit down. You get that shit and point it to TRPWL.COM. Bown down to Thompkins and PWLTroLL Bitches!!!

12 years ago

I don’t think whomever buys it, individually or in a group, is going to try and profit from it. We already know the site got next to zero traffic. I don’t think there’s any profit to be had. I believe this group is just buying it to be done with it. Only issue I have is where the money is going. If Donny asked for a 5k donation to the Red Cross or some charity, I’d be all over that. But handing that Hitler wannabe money just strikes me as a very wrong thing to do. 1k? Well, that’s just… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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