.@RaeRichmond7777 Finds Family Support Amid OnlyFans Hometown Scandal

Sep 13, 2023
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Rae Richmond

While Rae Richmond’s wildly successful OnlyFans career recently hit a speed bump when her longtime friends found out about her high-profile online persona, her grown children, surprisingly, weren’t too fazed about the startling discovery.

“My son seemed to take it all in stride,” said Richmond as she eased into her confession with him, who made light of the situation during their text exchange, joking, “This is fine. This is a normal convo between a mother and son in 2023 lol… I mean there are more pervs in the world than regular people, so you will never be short on customers.”

Richmond isn’t just rewriting her own story; she’s reshaping family dynamics with a splash of humor and emerging stronger for it, despite facing a barrage of hometown judgment for her controversial career choice.

“I weighed the pros and cons going in, and knew I’d have to share this information with my kids sooner or later. If they had a problem with it, I would definitely think twice before continuing in this line of work, but they have their own lives and mind their own business. If I’m happy, they’re happy.”

While her story may at first appear to be a standard narrative about breaking barriers as a midlife adult content creator, Richmond believes that her unsatisfying love life and choice of partners over the past 30+ years – then meeting a man who sparked a passion she’d never experienced before – now drives her desire to explore the outer limits of pleasure.

“Looking back, I’d been so unhappy in regards to that part of my life. I did what I thought I was supposed to do… I was a very good girl and followed the rules. Then I discovered a side of me that I knew existed deep down there somewhere, and I wanted to follow that feeling and see where it led me. And for the first time in a very long time, I’m exactly where I want to be.”

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