Rejected MomPov Amateur Site Owner Outed For Booking Pornstars, Tries To Lie His Way Out Of It

Jul 4, 2017
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I get it, porn is all about the fantasy, cheating wives, step mom, real amateurs blah blah blah. Take the site MomPov, their premise is “Real Amateur Moms Doing Porn”.

When you update weekly, and you’re limited by location, it’s not always easy to find “real amateurs” so you have to book a professional. Which is usually no big deal, unless a fan notices:

Opps, no biggie, this is one of those moments where you may just admit, yea, we knew, and enjoy the holiday.

But the fuckhead from MOMPov, a recent graduate of the Mike South school of reply’s, decided to go a different route:

Wait, she lied to you, and she’s D list?  That horrible women..Nothing worse than a lying D-Lister, sort of reminds of my someone..

Turns out the mope over at MomPov is the one not being honest:

The word “fans” should of been clue number one. How many amateur moms have fans? Outside of Stifler’s mom, none..That’s all irrelevant since he booked her thru her agency:

Her agency tweeted that shortly after all this started.. Safe to say we probably won’t ever see that Cytherea footage.

Lets recap so far, fan notices porn star on amateur site, tweets owner, owner of site says girl lied and is D-Lister, TRPWL wakes up, drinks protein shake, sees tweets, sets baseball lineups, then begins to write another award winning article that will surly lead to a John Wick 3…

Seems that MOMPov guy is really just upset he couldn’t get some free “D-List pussy:

I guess my first question would be, why does he wanna fuck a lying “D-Lister”?  I personally draw the line at exaggerating C-Lister’s. Maybe I would bang a D-lister if she was honest and had a puppy but the puppy would have to be really cute..

And why would you shoot her again? Now that she’s been on your site is she still considered an amateur? How does that work? You book “D-list” talent on a D-list site and pray that the “D-Lister” never becomes a B-Lister .? Is your site so unpopular that any “D-Lister on it will always be a “D-Lister”?

Had she fucked you, would that of elevated her D-List status?  If so, to what?  Cuz I know a few legit D-Listers that could use that bump…




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5 years ago

Is true that “MomPov guy” Is just weird. When you ask something to him [about the website], he uses short answers to not tell too much information or sometimes he do not respond to you. But at the other side he writes like a real stalker to the models.
But also is true that many, many small sites are big liars. Take Amateur Allure for example, if you are new to those sites you are exited to see beautiful amateur girls, but when you find a porn star part of that hype falls apart.

Dan Cran
Dan Cran
4 years ago

this asshat from MomPov, Nick is a shady dude who I believe will someday end up in jail. Until then he’s trying to have it both ways with this site. The quality has slipped to epic lows of late. It’s become almost fetishy – a couple weeks back he featured a woman in her 80s (I didn’t watch). Also in staying so ‘stealth’ he’s protecting anything he does in the future outside of porn by not showing his face. Smart. Shitty but smart. Also, I believe that there is enough on some of his videos to make a case for… Read more »

4 years ago

I’d fuck that pussy and blow my load in her butt! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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