Rescue industry fraud Frits Rouvoet

Rescue industry fraud Frits Rouvoet

If Frits Rouvoet’s claims were true, half the Red Light District would be empty by now

Frits Rouvoet is the name of a man claiming to be saving ‘forced prostitutes’ from Amsterdam’s Red Light District. He just happens to be the brother of former party leader for the ChristenUnie André Rouvoet (which just so happens to be the political party that opposes legal prostitution), and just so happens to be religious himself as well. The man can frequently be found in the media, supporting the stories organizations like Free A Girl tell, or supporting his political friends like Gert-Jan Segers from the ChristenUnie, who all claim the same things.

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The man that once used to believe that Lucifer would take over the world on 06-06-06, and warned people about this through an organization that he worked for called 06-06-06, has a history of being a drug addict himself.

Now this simple religious man has dedicated his life to ‘saving women from forced prostitution’, and works for two organisations, Blood’NFire (so he can get in contact with prostitutes in the prostitution areas in Amsterdam) and BrightFame (that helps ex-prostitutes to find a job), and both organizations depend on donations, to rescue these women. Also Frits Rouvoet claims not to be making any money with his work, just like many other people that make false claims about prostitution, even though that makes one wonder how he does make a living? After all, Frits Rouvoet doesn’t seem to have another job, so how can he survive without any income, while at the same time doing so much work for these two organisations?

Besides the fact that it remains unknown how this simple man makes a living, since he totally doesn’t make money with his job of saving women, it’s also unknown which women he saves. Because, even though Frits Rouvoet regularly walks in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, unlike many other people that claim most prostitutes are forced, Frits does actually attempt to talk to real prostitutes.

After checking with some other girls, it turns out though that most prostitutes see Frits Rouvoet as ‘this idiot that always brings flowers’, and often try to get rid of him by pretending to be on the phone.

But what’s really strange is that Frits Rouvoet regularly claims to have ‘saved’ a woman from Amsterdam’s Red Light District, and has been doing so for years, while I still see the same girls at work every day. So, how come he claims to have taken away women, if the same women are still working behind the same windows for years already? Which women has he taken away, and how come nobody has noticed the women that have gone missing, because he has ‘saved’ them?

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