Scam APAG Begs Performers To Give Felon Phyllisha Ann $125 #ScamUnion #IEAU

Feb 20, 2018
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The comedy that is the Union is taking it another level.  They have now officially started asking for money.

When looking at the APAG website I noticed that amateur performer Kelly Pierce is listed as treasurer:

Oddly, on the IEAU website, there is no treasurer listed for APAG , Kelly is listed as the Secretary:


If you look at every single chapter listed on the Union website, none of the them have a treasurer

The only person listed on the Union site as a treasurer is felon Phyllisha Ann

For the people not as smart as urine collector and snake doctor Mike South, the treasurer controls the money, it’s the treasurer whose name is on the checks, and a lot of cases, the bank account.

Where does the money go?  No one really knows. Looking at the union website,  it says the IEAU divides it up how they see fit, when you click thru the site, there is no real break down. Like any great scam, the person at the top, Phyllisha Ann, is the one benefiting the most. APAG will get a cut depending on how big they collect.

One thing is certain,  Felon Phyllisha Ann has complete control of YOUR money and decides who gets what.

3.  What if I am a part of A.P.A.G. or another chapter, do I have to pay the I.E.A.U. dues?

Yes.  No matter what chapter, local, guild or profession you are in within the adult industry unless you have registered with this website and receive your Union Membership ID Card, you are not considered a member of the Union.

Your union membership here, gives you access to all chapters as well.

4. What will the money you receive from union dues be used for?

  • Running website cost, lawyer fees to help fight for our rights, and so so so much more!

No matter what chapter, local, guild or profession you are in within the adult industry unless you have registered with  this website and receive your Union Membership ID Card, you are not considered a member of the I.E.A.U.  For information regarding where the Union funds will be held and used for as well as how the dues will be split between each subordinate body of the I.E.A.U. please refer to the information tab located on the main web page.

Membership dues are required to maintain quarterly to stay a member in good standing, giving you full access to membership site, discount programs, the right to membership voting and to run for Union officer during times of election.

Which brings to how stupid APAG is..

They are so greedy and power hungry, they are knowingly promoting the person they one time APAG had to go to court against after she fraudulently signed the union up as a supporter of AHF’s pro condom prop 60 bill.  They are trusting someone who allegedly illegally recorded phone calls of an AHF representatives conversation, then used the calls in an effort to sway members of the scam union to swing with AHF since the phone calls contained promises of financial support. They are trusting someone who walked into the FSC office, demanded something, and when they didn’t get their way, tried to extort FSC using AHF as the threat.. They are trusting someone, who tried to bribe the only legit performer IEAU had with a promise of a tax free $200,000 to 300,00 thousand a year salary when he called the Union out as a scam.. They are trusting someone who RIGGED the ONE and ONLY election the Union has had in its 2 year existence. Who would do these things?  Felon Phyllisha Ann

I’ll get into the election scams in more detail later, we actually have someone willing to go on record about that.

The worst part of all this, isn’t the fact they are trying to steal money from performers, it’s the methods they use.

After the tragic passing of August Ames, the Union has fixated on “mental health” in it’s money drive efforts.

The Union twitter and Felon Phyllisha Ann‘s social media had pretty much been dormant for the last 6 months. After August passed,  both APAG and IEAU decided to use this as a tool to push the money end of the union, that coupled with the Trump allegations gave them the publicity push, or so they thought, to get the union turning a profit. No real mention of money prior to August’s passing, now that are all pushing the “we can help you with your mental health issues, for a small fee of course…”

Look at that, for the price of a lap dance you’ll have access to this:


A bunch of drug addicts trying getting certified in mental health areas. Seems legit

The other day, we finally ID’d someone who had been harassing and sending out death threats to people in the industry. I reached out to one of the people on the other end of those threats and he asked me NOT to out him. He told me he was talking with him thru Facebook and wanted to try to get the guy mental help. And he DID IT FOR FREE, WITHOUT BROADCASTING TO THE WORLD.

That’s what people who truly care do, they don’t ask you for money, they just do the right thing.

I’m sure someone will say, TRPWL is union busting, or he’s doing it for FSC…I’m not asking any of you not to join a union, I’m asking you not to join this obvious scam union.

If Felon Phyllisha Ann was able to scam the system, imaging how effective one of you with a pure heart would be. I’d certainly promote a Legit group of performers who had proven they weren’t self serving pieces of shit..

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You're gay also fuck off
You're gay also fuck off
4 years ago

Wow I must say, as much as you obsess about this one union is incredible, It must take a lot of dedication to constantly sit on your computer and harass innocent people … I wish I had your talent. It is truly amazing how much slander you come up with not just about this but about everything. You and your writing skills are rubbish and hardly considered journalism. Just be perfectly clear so you can’t try to twist my words and pretend it came from someone in this union … I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THIS UNION IN ANY WAY!… Read more »

Your gay also fuck yourself
Your gay also fuck yourself
4 years ago

No, I actually am not .. I do however feel pity for this woman you are slandering her name up and down your website, it’s childish you are nowhere near a true journalist! You promote lies and propaganda, I used to read your pieces all the time and thought they were hilarious but seeing all this focus on one person and a union LMFAO You sir are a child stuck in a man’s body a highly overweight man and I also pity you have to get hard over a keyboard why don’t you use your website to promote and encourage… Read more »

4 years ago

I kinda feel bad for her. 50y/o broad, only life skill is gettin stuck by mopes and johns, and a porn union is the best cash grab scam she could come up with.

Shawna Lenee
4 years ago

I don’t understand. I love Alana. But I don’t understand.. what does this do for performers? And I have to agree with TRPWL here. I don’t like the fact that I would give my money to a felon. I purposely have raised my ethical standards for the business regarding who I work with (hey, look.. there is no one left haha). This includes not giving money to criminals, advocating for companies to stop hiring racists and criminals, etc. So, I am happy to have this info shared. Because it goes right in line with how I run my brand these… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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