Scam Union Founder & Prop60 Supporter Phyllisha Anne Given Show On XXXPornstarRadio #NoProp60

Sep 22, 2016
Adult Business News
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Below are some emails that went back and forth between AHF and the scam Union. As you can see, IEAU began talking to AHF back in January. As soon as the money was offered, Phyllisha Anne jumped all over it. Yea yea Sean we know already..

Yesterday, Phyllisha Anne was a guest on XXX Pornstar Radio, in the course of her rambling it was announced that herself and fellow Prop60 supporter Bill Margold would be having a regular show starting next week..Now, im not as smart as prop60 supporter Mike South, but I would think if XXX Pornstar radio was truly Anti Prop60 they would at least put felon Phyllisha Anne’s show off until after the election cycle. But thats just me, I haven’t been bought off yet..


unionahf2 unionahf3


How many times did she bring up funding in the above email? Keep in mind Adams coning Phyllisha Anne and she’s coning him..He’s pretending he gives a shit before he throws money at her, and she’s pretending she’s someone people listen to.  Of course now that Phyllisha has a podcast I’m sure we can expect AHFs fingerprints all over it..


Thats the email were Phyllisha Anne lied to the rest of the union board members by telling them she told him she didn’t want funding when in fact she took funding.

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William Margold
William Margold
7 years ago

Your tragically amateurish/trouble-making attempt at being a “reporter” when, in fact, you are nothing more than a bottom feeding muckraker, is blatantly evident when you state that I am pro-Prop 60, because, ever since the loathsome ballot reared its insidious head, I have blasted back at it with: PROP 60 SUXXX! Also…I will be hosting my own show: HISTORXXX on XXXPORNSTARRADIO.COM from 4-6pm (Pacific Coast time) commencing Tuesday. Oct 4. Phyllisha Anne’s show will be following my weekly timeslot, although it’s possible she will starting up on Tuesday, Sept. 27 from 6:15-8pm (Pacific Coast time). So now that you being… Read more »

William Margold
William Margold
7 years ago

I love the smell of a frustrated, bottom of the barrel webmaster flailing foolishly in the morning… by spewing a very odd and confusing epithet. Appropriately…I refer to your site as TRIPE.

William Margold
William Margold
7 years ago

Like another “loser” on another site who likes to make accusations that he can’t substantiate, I offer the challenge as to your being able to prove that I’ve ever done a drug in my life. However, I must admit that I do derive a profound high by making a fool out of you…and your incredibly unnecessary website. BTW: The APAG, on whose Board I function as their Senior Counselor, has finally taken a stance against Proposition 60. Indeed, PROPOSITION 60 SUXXX. And it should go without saying, that SUXXX speaks volumes for you as well as your lame entries. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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